Israel Moves To Provoke Fresh Palestinian Violence By Liam Bailey


By Liam Bailey
featured writer
Dandelion Salad

The Bailey Mail
April 2, 2008

2008-04-01 07:59:14 **news**

Despite the fact that there have been very few (if any) Palestinian rockets landing in Israeli territory over the past few days, four Israeli tanks rolled into central Gaza in a pre-dawn raid and killed two Hamas members. This on top of new Israeli plans to build yet more settler homes in East Jerusalem, which has, is and will prompt massive anger within Palestinians, Muslims, Arabs, liberals and anyone else with a thread of decency around the world. If the Israelis can’t even adhere to an informal agreement to stop violence if the Palestinians stopped the rockets, what chance do we have that they will adhere to a larger agreement to return the land, especially as they continue to annex yet more and more Palestinian land. Over 40 years ago, Israel annexed land with its military, and ever since it has been annexing land by building Jewish homes and structures on it, in the hope that after what the Nazis did the world will never have the stomach to expel Jews from their homes, whether they sit land the world says should be give back to Palestine or not.

4 thoughts on “Israel Moves To Provoke Fresh Palestinian Violence By Liam Bailey

  1. Write about how the Falklands is all about taking oil away from Argentina. I want that to be seen here. Maybe you wont talk poorly about your country? Shame on UK occupying land in a country 7,000 miles away from your borders.

  2. Strong words from someone who’s country illegally occupies the land of another? Why don’t you post a similar blog about the Falklands? Are you a hypocrite?

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