Olbermann: Vox Pop Pox + FISA Fables + Bushed! + Worst + Wal-Mart

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Apr. 1, 2008

Vox Pop Pox

Keith speaks with Howard Fineman.

Race Back in the Race: 217 Days until the 2008 Presidential Election — and the halfway mark between the last primary, three weeks ago, and the next one. And any illusion that that Pennsylvania primary is not about Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and race, has, late today been chased from the stage by Clinton advisor Harold Ickies and a Missouri Congressman named Emmanuel Cleaver. Our fifth story tonight begins with the admission by Mr. Ickies that Barack Obama’s former pastor is the topic when the Clinton Campaign tries to persuade super-delegates, and that the campaign would still pursue the nomination even if she entered the Convention behind in the popular vote.

FISA Fables

Keith speaks with Rachel Maddow.

Tears & Fears: It is one thing for the administration to continually claim that immunity for telecom giants is actually necessary to keep America safe…It is quite another for Attorney General Michael Mukasey to cite a call from a safe house in Afghanistan to the United States….A call before the attacks of September 11th…about those attacks…Implying that if the government had already shredded the Constitution then… the attacks might have been prevented. The claim is necessarily either false, or convicts the Bush Administration of complete negligence. And as importantly, it comes up in the context of our third story on the Countdown… indications that the White House may be willing to negotiate on the electronic surveillance bill.


Make it up as you go along-Gate

Protect the troops-Gate

Watch List-Gate

World’s Worst

Worse: CIA Director General Michael Hayden

Worser: Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson of Fixed News

Worst: Comedian Rush Limbaugh



Jim Shank on WALMART’s decision to do the right thing

April 01, 2008
CNN Anderson Cooper 360


Dir C.I.A Gen Hayden on Torture & Iran’s nuclear program (videos)