Olbermann: 5 Years of Iraq War! + Worst + McCain Fails to Unite GOP

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April 02, 2008

Worst Person


McCain Fails to Unite GOP

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Rachel Maddow joins Keith Olbermann to discuss John McCain’s often-repeated line that the Republican party is behind him.



Domestic Spying-Gate


Wrong Enemy-Gate

5th Anniversary – Puppet Theater

Puppet Theater: It began back in the dark dark days of 2005. With a trial that seemed destined to tear the nation apart, and no cameras to record it for posterity. Being a television show (and thus obligated to the “vision” part of that word) we here at Countdown despaired of ever providing the kind of coverage such a monumentally important event surely deserved. Or the kind of annoyed satire that it surely demanded. But then, a light in the darkness. An idea so journalistically innovative, so perfect, so pure — it has since become a staple of this show. And inspired lesser programs to imitation. We salute it, as we continue to celebrate Anniversary Week.