Rove caught in his own worst nightmare… By Larisa Alexandrovna

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By Larisa Alexandrovna
April 02, 2008

Apparently Karl Rove’s interest in going after whistle-blower, Dana Jill Simpson, has gotten him so unhinged that he has stepped straight into a trap that he himself would have laid not too long ago – when he had the power to do so – against a political “enemy.” Now he has stepped into a trap laid for him by the reality of the situation, that is, by his own ego in an interview with GQ.

GQ decided to go interview Rove – for reasons I am still trying to grasp, given that Rove is not much of a cover-seller. I have it on good authority, however, that Rove was adamant that GQ ask questions about Jill Simpson – and guess what? They asked him about Ms. Simpson:

“[rolls his eyes] Will you do me a favor and go on Power Line and Google “Dana Jill Simpson” [the Republican lawyer who told 60 Minutes that Rove asked her to take a picture of Governor Siegelman cheating on his wife]? She’s a complete lunatic. I’ve never met this woman. This woman was not involved in any campaign in which I was involved. I have yet to find anybody who knows her. And what the media has done on this… No one has read the 143-page deposition that she gave congressional investigators—143 pages. When she shows up to give her explanation of all this, do you know how many times my name appears? Zero times. Nobody checked!”


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