War Is A Racket – US Lawmakers Have As Much As $196 Million Invested In “Defense” Companies

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I’ve been waiting for this to come out. About time, too. Personal profits over what is best for our country, shame on all of them! ~ Lo

By The Associated Press
04/03/08 “AP



A Tragi-Comic Cavalcade of Chicanery by Justin Raimondo

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4 thoughts on “War Is A Racket – US Lawmakers Have As Much As $196 Million Invested In “Defense” Companies

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  3. Oh, this is such a low estimate.

    The full amount of the money made on influence peddling, and on armaments profiteering will never be known.

    The offshore accounts hide everything for these guys.

    I await the long-withheld disclosure on Bill and HiLIARy’s tax forms eagerly and the subsequent coverup.

    And that is just one place to cast a weary eye ..

    There is so much more to look at than the obvious look at places like Raytheon to look at. Profit$ made from Big Pharma for the psychological impact, Big Agribiz that make huge profit$ off supplying food to troops, precious metal investments in primary good, particularly uranium mining . oh, the list is utterly endless.

    And the saddest thing of all – is that all this profitablity has been Transnational, neocolonialist in nature.

    The GWOT is the greatest blot on human history, as time will show. And these CONgresspeople shown to be real villains ..

    The new missile defense program is another place to look as is the investments in bioweaponry – covered up by “looking” like good pharmaceutical research and bought often by those looking for a high rate of return.

    It’s not JUST Halliburton/KBR profit$ that are astronomical and war related ..



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