US-Russia Relations: Are We Heading for World War III? By Liam Bailey

By Liam Bailey
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April 5, 2008

2008-04-05 20:54:49 **opinion**

As U.S. President Bush meets with President Putin in Russia in an attempt to repair relations between the two countries, after Bush’s plans to put a radar guided missile system in two soviet satellite states has took us far too close to another cold-war scenario, I want to make my feelings on the matter clear.

The mainstream media, when it does mention the chances of a US attack on Iran, fails to mention the likelihood of China and Russia backing Iran directly. But as tensions continue to mount between Bush and Putin, on top of the struggle for control of the world’s remaining resources turned violent by the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, I have become almost certain that, if the U.S. and/or Israel attack Iran, China and Russia are almost certain to take action in defence of Iran.

As all analysts state the Bush-Putin meeting will come nowhere close to resolving their differences I am going to go one step further and say these differences won’t be resolved because Bush doesn’t want them to be.

Bush is the biggest megalomaniac to ever inhabit the White House, his invasions of two countries, both of which he thought would be quick wars shows his overblown opinion of U.S. military strength. Plans for a Missile Shield are not to protect against Iran, as Bush claims but to ensure U.S. supremacy over Russia in preparation for the scrap over resources, a move he thought Russia wouldn’t dare challenge, but instead it is a move Russia will go to any length to prevent.

Putin has recently said that not only is Russia maintaining its nuclear capability but further developing it, and also reiterated a threat that he would re-target Russia’s nuclear arsenal on Europe for the first time since the Cold War.

Putin has also warned that any expansion of the North American Treaty Organisation will be seen as an act of aggression.

At the recent meeting Bush failed to secure NATO entry for Georgia and Ukraine, and said he will keep trying, I am not sure if their entry will receive Putin’s stamp as an aggressive act, but the Missile Shield is firmly in there on the aggression stakes, mind you retargeting nuclear arsenals isn’t exactly pacifism.

I am genuinely worried. As the Iran nuclear crisis hanging over Israel continues to damage Jewish migration to the fatherland, and the Arab/Jew ratio continues to increase the chances of Israel losing its Jewish predominance, it becomes almost certain that Israel will launch a first-strike against the Iran nuclear program, and they are most likely to do it before Bush leaves office.

If Israel does attack first, they will probably use tactical-nuclear “Bunker Busting” bombs, to ensure destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities, which are deep-underground. The U.S. will be informed of Israel’s desperation to launch the attack, and in all likelihood they won’t stop them, worst case scenario they will help them, absolute worst-case scenario, Russia and China launch a counter attack and World War III erupts.

I will catch flak here for what can be called blatant speculation, but no one can say what I have laid out above is impossible, and like I said; I am genuinely worried.

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  1. One thing that you are leaving out is the root of what all of this is about…., resources. Remember, there is a big pipeline going through Georgia. Both China and Russia are becoming for oil thirsty due to the growth of their new quasi-capitalist economies. Some people have said that Georgia doesn’t matter for various reasons. To anyone and everyone, I urge you to look at where Georgia is on the map.

    With the combined factors (me oil and you Israel, etc.) that we have listed. Doesn’t it seem inevitable. I don’t think I’m being doomsdayish in saying that. When we are able to look back at history, I still believe that we will say that the attack on Iraq (or possibly 9-11) was the start of the next (or current) great war.

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