Hoax by David Swanson: Powell Writes to Petraeus (video)

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Updated: April 8, 2008 Found the post on ADS: Link

Updated: April 8, 2008 Apparently this is a hoax by David Swanson. I changed the title to reflect this. ~ Lo

I really don’t know what to make of this. Why would Powell give a copy of a private letter to After Downing Street and not the NYT or some other newspaper/website? Anyway, check out their site for the letter, I have an RSS feed for them on the left-hand side of my page. ~ Lo


April 7, 2008

Colin Powell’s letter to General David Petraeus who returns to Congress to testify on April 8-9, 2008. Be prepared with http://BetrayUsReport.com

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17 thoughts on “Hoax by David Swanson: Powell Writes to Petraeus (video)

  1. Good one, Paul. It’s called integrity. And in the business of news, integrity means trustworthiness. Really he should have done his little stunt on April 1st.

  2. OK, so Swanson admits he was “Just Kidding”, but it’s the truth nevertheless! Wouldn’t it be great if Faux Noise would use “Just Kidding” instead of “fair and balanced”?, but that’s the age old dilemma of punch lines, do you maintain deadpan irony, or spill the hoax? (If only Faux knew they were a hoax…).

    Gotta have a little black humor now and then, and NO BASHING DAVID SWANSON!

    All the great journalism and writing of a more serious journalistic mode has been admirable, and immensely valuable, but thouroughly, categorically marginalized by corporate media and disowned.

    It hasn’t done a damn thing to stop anything. Alan Nairn, one of our greatest and bravest investigative journalists, breaks the realities of the warmongers behind all the frontrunners, and does the world implode with scandal? Not a chance!

    So utterly impotent and immaterial has the entire anti-war movement (or lack thereof) been that I’m ready for any amount of irony, sarcasm, hoaxes, mockery, anything to shake this warmongering electorate from their horrific fascination with gratuitous militarism and ill-conceived, ultra-rightist, religious fanatical, cultist ultra-nationalism.

    If Swanson does this to cope, and help us to cope amidst the unfathomable atrocity, so be it. It’s time to call everyone’s bluff, and since dissent and resistance have utterly failed, and aside from Swanson and Sheehan and a very few precious others, failed to materialize entirely, it’s now tome to pull out all the stops.

    I agree with the tack, surprise the world with ‘news’, whether corroborated or even factual it’s immaterial any more. The war, its supporters, the cult of the neocons, and the lock-step approval they’ve luxuriated in among the war-criminally complicit red-state believers is perfectly surreal. You can’t talk ‘news’ to these people; they believe Coulter, Limbaugh and Billo, to their bible-belted CORE.

    The populace of this nation are mass-murderers, complicit in atrocity untold and untellable. You can’t quote facts and figures to them, they just don’t care. What they care about is killing, war, and the americon way of life at the expense of all.

    Go ahead David, mock them, mock their belief in Faux ‘news’, mock the warmongers, tell it like it is, like it should be, save us all from utter despair with a sparkle of the reality that never materialized, will never be revealed, the truth in all of the hearts of those who cared while Iraq’s children were burned and dismembered for the sake of mcMansions and the amerigoon dream of cheap gas.

    I’m ready for a bit of ‘investigative journalism’ of the most sardonic sort.
    Bring it on.

  3. I think that they must have “orphaned” it on After Downing Street Lo, ie the document is still there, but they have removed the links to it from other pages on the site. Did you look at all the links I posted? There was the direct link to the piece on after downing st, the Democratic Underground ones that you mention, and one for the “American Homeowners Resource Center” which wrote “Clarification: This is fiction, with the names unchanged to incriminate the guilty”.

    Personally, I don’t know why we’re wasting so much time on this little idiot who thinks he’s so clever! 😉

  4. Thanks for the update, Paul. Do you have a link to it as I’m not finding anything new on After Downing Street’s website? Thanks.

    Wastes of time such as this video does a disservice to us all. I’ve now lost respect for Swanson. Virginia got it right in her comment above.

  5. Lo, Swanson has since admitted that it was a fake, and has added “just kidding” to the bottom of his post at “After Downing Street”.

    What a creepy little man. He simply undermines and devalues the case of real writers and activists with such an infantile, dishonest prank. He also makes fools of them.

  6. All the world’s a stage, we know that by now.
    A million died because of Faux “news” and the cult of the neocons.

    If it comes down to Swanson and his sources staging a bit of ‘reality as it should be’, so be it. certainly it’s harmless, and definitely true. We’re too far over the top, beyond the pale of death and horror to even begin to take news seriously any more.

    I know you’re always doing the right thing by the news, but truth is also news, and it’s ok to report it.

    Just my 2 cents…

    I’ll not complaining about anything David Swanson does or says, be it news, fiction, wishful thinking or complete fabrication. The man is right, it’s something he was born with, and all should listen to and learn.

  7. Thanks everyone for your input on this video. I’m a bit uncomfortable about it as I stated above.

    At the very beginning David Swanson reads, “… not for publication…” in regards to this “letter”. So, if it’s a private letter, why would Powell then want it published? And like I mentioned above, why would he (Powell) then give it to After Downing Street and not a bigger media outlet?

    Swanson says he was going to post the transcript of the letter at After Downing Street, and it’s still not there (in fact nothing new has been posted there since very early hours today). The video wasn’t even posted there. It is posted on his blog, http://www.davidswanson.org/?q=node/1196 and so far no comments whatsoever.

    I like Swanson and post a lot of his work on my blog. I agree with Natureboy about not attacking activists, but then Virginia seems to shed some light on some personal experience of her own with him. So, I don’t know what to believe at the moment.

  8. Virginia,

    I do respect your advice to question all authority.
    But I can’t accept your indictment of David Swanson. He’s fought so hard and selflessly, in an absolutely thankless, uphill struggle, he has nothing to gain by deception.

    I also suspect Powell is more human than most generals, and feels profound regret for his presentation in the run-up to war.

    But all that aside, and validity notwithstanding (remember, Truthout almost bought the farm reporting Rove was indicted…), this is GOOD.

    Even if it’s a marketing ploy, it’s an excellent report, because it tells the truth to betrayus, who’s about to bomb the Persians, as lackey for the next crazy militaristic nut-job in McBomb, destined to execute the insane will of the amerigoon populace, who ALL march lockstep behind the notion that killing is good, regardless of cause, because it’s simply what amerigoons were designed to do.

    God bless the americon way of life at the expense of everyone and everything else is our motto.

    At this point I’m applauding ANY dissent, even if it is play-acting, pantomime, or putting words in mouths. But I’m not at all convinced that is what this is. Powell may have a crisis of conscience, as do all we few, one in a billion americons who oppose this horrific war.

    Please show some respect for Swanson, he has no agenda other than peace on earth. Let’s not attack our only few activists for their selfless efforts.

  9. I don’t trust David Swanson and am on public record saying so.

    He plays politics continually and hogs the mic.

    He has set me up to release false information – and then it comes out that the same information was fed to Cynthia MacKinney.

    Both Colin Powell do nothing to REALLY push forward the impeachment agenda.

    And while I am here – there IS mass deception everywhere. The attack is NOT for Iran, but for SYRIA. We are to keep our eyes off what is going on in Afghanistan as well.

    In the name of all suffering women and children in the Middle East, I urge you if you read this . .. be very careful what when you believe ANY of the upcoming cointel pro. There is just a world of it going on right now.

    Layla is one of the few sites that I can read and realize that I am not being lied to or manipulated. And observe how often she gets attacked and accused of being a misinformant.

    There are lots of disinformants – she isn’t one of them!!

    I put my comments on David Swanson on mparent’s blog last week. He’s all DC and forgets the suffering people of the Middle East.

    Just more POLITICS ..

    IMPEACHMENT encouragement is what is needed, not a chance to let lieing Colin Powell a chance to avoid the ICC.

  10. Paul, he says it’s confirmed, if Swanson says it’s confirmed, don’t you believe him? Powell has said similar things, no? He knows full well that the greatest tragedy of our times was to a large degree his responsibility for falsely validating. Any human would react thus.

    This could be HUGE.

    This vindicates the great David Swanson, and indicates the horror a smart man like Powell must feel at his horrific complicity in atrocity.

    Listen well to this. Whoever wrote it, he knows exactly what he’s talking about!!

    Thanks for Dandelion for publishing this!!

  11. I’m highly dubious that that was written by Powell, it just doesn’t sound “right” at all.

    But while I’m on the subject, Colon Powell was an acknowledged master of deception long before his infamous UN dog and pony show. He played highly dubious roles in Vietnam, Panama, the Contra scandal and the previous Iraq adventure. It was indeed the secret of his meteoric rise to power.

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