Olbermann: Clintonflict Of Clinterest + Super Analysis + Worst + Bushed!

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Apr. 7, 2008

Clintonflict Of Clinterest

Keith speaks with Richard Wolffe.

War of Words of War: On Saturday, Mark Penn had the singular experience of being fired… by an entire country: Colombia, to be specific. Yesterday he was fired again… this time by the woman who wants to run an entire country: Senator Hillary Clinton, to be specific. The Senator reportedly furious with Penn for taking her checks as her chief strategist… at the same time he had a 300-thousand-dollar contract with Colombia to push the very same free-trade deal… that she opposes. Today, however, in our fifth story on the Countdown… Mark Penn is back at work. Not for Colombia, but for… Senator Clinton.

Super Analysis

Keith speaks with Chuck Todd.

Delegate Imbalance: The emerging myth-buster about all those super delegates in the Democratic nomination… has to do with possibility versus reality. What they could do… is give Senator Hillary Clinton their support, despite Senator Barack Obama’s lead in pledged delegates. But what they have been doing, since February Fifth, Super Tuesday… is throwing their support to Senator Obama. And in our fourth story on the Countdown, add one more to his column.

Saturday Night Skewer

Keith speaks with Christian Finnegan.

Funny Politics: When the essence of your Presidential campaign — when the fact of it — becomes a punch-line, that campaign may have already “jumped the shark” — or it may, in fact, have already ended. Remember Mike Huckabee’s appearance as the “Guest Who Wouldn’t Leave” on Saturday Night Live — 11 days before he finally called it quits. Our number one story on the Countdown… Governor Huckabee — meet Senator Clinton. Saturday Night, on Saturday Night Live.

World’s Worst

Worse: Former Under Secretary of State Douglas Feith

Worser: Glenn Beck

Worst: Bill’O