Brown Meets South Africa Leader over Zimbabwe Election By Liam Bailey

By Liam Bailey
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The Bailey Mail
April 9, 2008

2008-04-07 19:23:51 **news**

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to hold private talks with South African president Thabo Mbeki, in the hopes that Mbeki will exert pressure on Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe to announce the results of the recent Presidential election. UK foreign minister David Milliband has said the United Nations is joined in its determination to have the results announced.

The western world is not only desperate for the results to be announced but desperate for the announcement to mean an end of Mugabe’s dictatorship.

Mugabe became notorious around the world for his ejecting white farmers from their land, and stealing it back for the state, using any means necessary. His rule has become more violent as time has gone on, with protestors being badly beaten, and preventing the world press from entering the country to show the world the true extent of his brutality.

The international community is also desperate for the result to be announced; because they fear Mugabe is doctoring the results. And if the result brings about a run-off between Mugabe, and his leading rival Morgan Tsvangirai, there are calls to send in international observers to make sure the results are fair.

I will also be hoping that the result will say goodbye Mugabe, and I would bet that is what the people have voted for, whether it is what the result will say I don’t know, and the international response if it doesn’t is also unknown. Watch this space for further updates on the continued uncertainty over Zimbabwe’s future.

One thought on “Brown Meets South Africa Leader over Zimbabwe Election By Liam Bailey

  1. Liam, have you asked your MP what is happening? And were you give an concrete reply?

    I imagine the FO’s first response will be that the matter is sub judice and they will not comment while a court action is in progress.

    When it is over, what will they say? Can we ask them why we have an embassy is Harare? What is its mission? What interests does it represent? Are the interests they tell us about all the interests? Is it a complete list?

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