Dennis Kucinich: What Are We Waiting For?!!!!! (video)

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replaced video Aug. 22, 2012

on Jan 4, 2009

April 09, 2008
C-SPAN Congress Morning Speeches

“What are we waiting for” Dennis Kucinich on Iraq War (2008)


Report to Congress on the Situation in Iraq by General Commander David H. Petraeus

Rep Ron Paul: Gen Petraeus Iraq Surge Hearing

Did Petraeus part ways with the neocons? + Sadr will disarm Mahdi Army if US leaves

Tomgram: Patrick Cockburn: Petraeus’s Ghost

Ayatollahs Decline to Ban Militia – Hundreds Flee Baghdad Clashes

Iraq Hearings: Questions + Petraeus’ & Crocker’s Presentations

9 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: What Are We Waiting For?!!!!! (video)

  1. Birds of a feather flock together.

    Last election, our local Dean-eacts and Kucinich-faction, both carried on, even though headless (long after the principals withdrew).

    Both groups were powerful and active voting blocs at our State Convention that year — and are in fact still somewhat influential today.

    We must support those who speak truth. And No,”it will not be pretty” or easy; but we have no choice — so much must be done.

  2. Dandi,
    This is not a War, Stop; War does not exist, Stop; not been Declared by Congress, Stop; the Presidential Military Action Authority(90days) has expired, Stop; Mission Accomplished, Stop. Stop, Stop, Stop….

    Rep Kucinich needs the support of our/my personal Rep. to further the cause to re-deploy troops, and engage in Diplomacy, worldwide.
    Using the good name, “our” good name,
    The United States of America, for selfish gains and personal agenda’s of a few, and for a short time, what despicable Egotistical group to lead “our” country, at this moment in History.
    It will not be pretty, I Fear.

  3. Yes, the vid was a great reminder of why we support this man. If only there were more like DK in Congress, we would not be in the state we are in now!

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  5. Thanks Dandelionsalad! Once again Dennis has stepped up and with great intregity and I am reminded why I support him as Ohio Congressman and one day as President of the United States.

    On April 22nd I will wear my Kucinich t-shirt and will vote for Dennis Kucinich in the Pennsylvania Primary with pride:)

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