US military withdrawal from Iraq questioned + Petraeus Reports, the World Reacts

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The top US military leader in Iraq has urged Congress to suspend troop withdrawals until after July. General David Petreaeus says security in Iraq has improved, but the country remains in a fragile state and recent gains could be lost.


GLOBAL PULSE – Petraeus Reports, the World Reacts

Link TV on Sep 17, 2007

General Petraeus’ long-awaited report on the US “troop surge” let broadcasters worldwide assess the Iraq war in their own terms. The BBC reported on new recruits who were less than enthusiastic about engaging in the battle, while China’s Asia Today interviewed Iraqis who want the US troops to leave. Al Jazeera English went into detail on the protesters in pink who disrupted the hearings, and Iran’s Press TV blamed the Saudis for stirring up trouble in Iraq.

The statistics flowed, too – 79% of Iraqis, and 64% of Americans, disapprove of the US presence in Iraq. 68% of Americans trust the military more than Congress or the president, but 53% think General Petraeus will try to make the Iraq situation look better than it really is.

SOURCES: BBC, U.K.; Al Jazeera English, Qatar; TV5, France; NBC News, U.S.; Asia Today, China; Once Noticias, Mexico; Saudi News, Saudi Arabia; Alalam and Press TV, Iran.


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