Countdown: War’s First Casualty + Under Iraq + Team Torture?

Dandelion Salad


April 10, 2008

War’s First Casualty

Keith debunks Bush’s statements about the draw down of combat troops in Iraq.

Under Iraq

Keith talks to Larry Wilkerson about what this occupation in Iraq has done to our military and our troops, and Bush’a success in handing this mess off to the next President to clean up.

Team Torture?

Keith discusses the secret meetings that occurred at the White House on torture with Jonathan Turley.


Keith Olbermann’s report on all of the Bush scandals you may have forgotten about because of the latest Bush scandals that have your head over loaded. Tonight’s: Family Values-Gate and Exporting Democracy-Gate parts one and two.

Worst Person

And the winner is…Pat Robertson. Runners up Elton John and Mitch McConnell.


President Bush Speech on Way Forward in Iraq (video)

Sources: Top Bush Advisors Approved ‘Enhanced Interrogation’

Capital Crimes: Another Smoking Gun on Terror War Torture by Chris Floyd