Activism: Appoint a Special Prosecutor!

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by ladybroadoak
April 11, 2008

The ACLU has just demanded that a Special Prosecutor be called immediately. I proposed this, with help, last February when BuZh admitted his guilt!!

And I have repeatedly asked that the OpEd News readers read the information I have provided on the links. It is time that all my items get maximum exposure and put on the social networks, including this column.

I ask that we accept NO SUBSTITUTES than immediate action.

Please help this important information go viral! Post it everywhere!!

I ask that everyone please start writing articles which includes the special prosecutor information link in it – you can still digg that item UP and you can also digg up the Blackwater proposal!!

I have followed all this intently – and I don’t think “running John Yoo” out of town on a rail is the answer!!

I think the momentum to finally get people to act in concert and move people out of their armchairs is here at last.

People can be of GREAT ASSISTANCE here at OpEd News- we can provide the legal information people need.

Here is a link to all the Craig Murray information on RENDITION and torture which shows WHY the Iraqi was was fought

Here is the link to the Juan Cole information on it:

Here is the link to the Dan Froomkin Washington Post article that just ran

I have links to other articles on rendition and torture as well – which should be part of any toolkit you may assemble:

Let’s turn OpEd News into the equivalent of!

People are STILL BEING TORTURED IN YOUR NAMES, even as I submit this article – please work as hard as you can to end this torture – we have the means to do so at last as the MSM is finally getting on board in North America.

Many people have taken grave risks standing up to the BuZh regime’s torture agenda, Please help them have the sweet victory of seeing the real criminals behind bars at last. No outside nation should do America’s dirty work for them.

It’s up to US, We the People, and the people of Canada, too as it has been a refueling stop for rendition flights, supplied jet fuel, and we suspect provided torturers and “advisers”, as well, in this way too long running TORTURE WAR CRIME.

Today is the day!! Download the special prosecutor information. Read it! Don’t “fall” for the misinformation and disinformation that is floating around.

The rest if the world is waiting to see what we do. You and me.

Make this the headline in EVERY PAPER IN AMERICA ..


My own blog is strictly controlled by cointelpro and many of the items that I have posted are difficult to access – so here is a direct link to my articles on Blackwater:

And I specifically refer you to this item:

The above is a link to close Guantanamo, hold Blackwater accountable for the war crimes proposal.

It is important to hold Obama’s and Hilary’s feet to the fire for their insidious insuation that it is fine by them to use one mercenary (under state department management) to replace every one troop brought home.

I remind you – we have at least two candidates who will listen to PROGRESSIVE demands: Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney!!

Please, in the name of the children and wives of all detainees (and in some cases the husbands) quit writing about elections, quite sending candidates a single penny until a special prosecutor panel is appointed.

The suffering and the killing simply must stop! and the gag on true activists in North America lifted who would see justice done.

Please sign this now to show her WE MEAN BUSINESS!!

To: U.S. House of Representatives Online Petition to Remove Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives by Scott Creighton

My OWN global petition demands signatories now!!

Here is the link:

There is NO REASON to fear signing this now: The mainstream media has now turned the momentum in our favor!!

News Report Reveals White House Approved Torture Techniques (4/10/2008)

ACLU Calls On Congress to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate

CONTACT: (202) 675-2312 or

WASHINGTON DC – ABC News reported that in dozens of top-secret White House meetings, the most senior Bush administration officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, discussed and approved specific torture techniques for use on detainees. According to this report, Cheney, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State Colin Powell and Attorney General John Ashcroft sanctioned these tactics. In light of this revelation, the American Civil Liberties Union is calling on Congress to appoint a special counsel to investigate these charges.

Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office Caroline Fredrickson said, “If current and former administration officials broke the law, they should be prosecuted for criminal acts. No one is above the law. With each new revelation, it is beginning to look like the torture operation was managed and directed out of the White House. This is what we suspected all along. Congress must get to the bottom of these reports.”

ACLU Senior Legislative Counsel Christopher Anders said that it is time for the administration to stop blaming the front line interrogators alone for tactics it had approved: “After years of the administration pointing the finger at what it said were a few interrogators, if this story is correct, it instead looks more like there were direct orders for specific acts of torture straight from the White House. These are the tools of dictators, not leaders of a democracy.”

According to the ABC story, then-Attorney General Ashcroft was troubled by the discussions, asking aloud after one meeting: “Why are we talking about this in the White House? History will not judge this kindly.”

Fredrickson added, “Kudos to ABC News for being the first to report this important story.”

Link to the ABC News story:
Sources: Top Bush Advisors Approved ‘Enhanced Interrogation’

Link to ACLU letter calling for a special counsel:


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