Donahue on C-SPAN: Body Of War (videos)

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“Body Of War” – Cowardly Congress-Spineless Senate









Q & A with Phil Donahue
View it, in its entirety, at:…
Read the transcript of the interview at:…
Also check the interview with the suave, urbane and articulate Dr. Hans Blix, maliciously maligned by the Bush administration, politely answer all questions on his NOT finding any WMD:…

Washington, District of Columbia (United States)

-Brian Lamb: – Chief Honcho at C-SPAN.
-Phil Donahue: Renown Talk-Show Host; exiled for being skeptical, Executive Producer, Co-Director of “Body Of War”.
-Tomas Young: Honorably discharged Iraqi Invasion Veteran, T-4 Quadriplegic; Cenral character of this heart-wrenching documentary.
-Ellen Spiro: Award winning Director and Educator.
-Phillip Schopper: Documentary editor.
-Bernadine Colish: “..assembled the whole thing for us.”
-Cathy Smith: Tomas Young’s mother; Stalward physical/emotional/psychological supporter, tireless worker, and nurturer; with another son in Iraq.
-Brie Young: Ex-wife of Tomas Young, also loving, affectionate, reduced to acting mainly as a servant.
-Cindy Sheehan: Well known anti-war activist.

Phil Donahue
Co-Director & Executive Producer

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