Tell the Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law to Fire John Yoo (Action Alert)

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In 2003, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel issued a memo advising the Pentagon that laws and treaties forbidding torture and other forms of abuse did not apply to U.S. interrogators because of the president’s wartime power.

The man who wrote that memo — John Yoo — is now happily ensconced as a tenured law professor at the UC Berkeley School of Law. While an unknown number of people suffer the aftereffects of illegal torture he encouraged, Professor Yoo is teaching, writing, and generally enjoying life in California.

This is flat out wrong. John Yoo should not only be disqualified from ever serving in government again, but he should also be prohibited from spreading his distorted view of the law and the role of lawyers to young law students.

He must be fired. And the man to do it is Christopher Edley, Jr, Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law.

Please fill in the information below and click on “Send my message” to send an E-mail to Dean Edley, urging the dismissal of John Yoo.

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5 thoughts on “Tell the Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law to Fire John Yoo (Action Alert)

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  3. Reminder: THIS IS NOT ENOUGH.

    To me, the real action alert is to demand a special prosecutor!!

    He should be BEHIND BARS, not just barred for heaven’s sake!!


    or get the special prosecutor!!

    Why should the US taxpayer pay to allow these idiots to run the government anymore?

    Tax dollars should be spent INVESTIGATING this whole team of WAR CRIMINALS rather than letting other countries do the dirty work.

    Pelosi should be out on her EAR! ASAP

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