Mukasey testifies before the Senate Appropriations Ctte on FISA & 9/11

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More on Michael Mukasey’s false 9/11 and FISA claims

By Glenn Greenwald
April 11, 2008

(updated below)

The San Francisco Chronicle became one of the few media outlets to report on the multiple false claims about 9/11 and FISA in Michael Mukasey’s speech two weeks ago, as they adeptly summarized the key events in this article today. As the article, using the Lee Hamilton and other quotes reported here, put it: “It seemed like a sensational disclosure — a phone call that, if traced and monitored, could have allowed authorities to thwart the attacks — but it has proved difficult to verify.”

Also, Mukasey appeared yesterday before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee and was questioned on this matter by Pat Leahy:

On his third question, Leahy asked Mukasey to clarify a recent comment he made in San Francisco where he implied that the failure to listen in on a phone call from Afghanistan to the United States prior to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks had cost 3,000 lives.“Nobody else seems to know about this. Can you tell me what the circumstances were and why?” Leahy said.

“The phone call I referenced relates to an incoming call that is referred to in a letter in February of this year to House Intelligence Committee Chairman [Silvestre] Reyes [(D-Texas)] from Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and I,” Mukasey said.

“One thing I got wrong. It didn’t come from Afghanistan. I got the country wrong,” Mukasey continued without specifying the country where the call originated.



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