Winston McCain – Plot Holes (video)

Dandelion Salad

Illustration and Text By Steve Brodner
Mother Jones
The New Yorker
April 9, 2008

Yesterday and today we’ve seen the now routine spectacle of Petraeus and Crocker coming to Washington to tell Congress and the rest of us to butt out of their war-thing. Surprisingly, Congress, even the Republicans, yesterday shouted back, ‘Hell no!” This from Dowd today: “They arrived on the heels of the Maliki debacle in Basra, which made it stunningly clear — after a ceasefire was brokered in Iran — that we’re spending $3 trillion as our own economy goes off a cliff so that Iran can have a dysfunctional little friend. Not good news, given Ahmadinejad’s announcement that his scientists are putting 6,000 new uranium-enriching centrifuges in place.”

And there sat McCain, strapped to this war. Here’s our film about that.

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