Chemtrails: The proof based on cumuli (replaced with another video)

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replaced video  Aug. 21, 2014

April 13, 2008
Cumuli: low clouds (1500-2300 meters approximately) are crossed by a chemical tanker. Because of the altitude, the aircraft should not create any trail and it’s clear that it’s getting a chemical and biological trail. Italian debunkers want to deny the truth, by asserting that this is not a proof, but a fake or an optical illusion. It’s clear that they lie as usual.


Scie chimiche: la distruzione dei cumuli – Metodologie e motivazioni (HQ)

Rosario Marcianò


[Note: I used an online translator, so this isn’t an exact translation from Italian to English]

In the within of the clandestine aerosol operations in skies of the world (chemtrails or wakes chemistries), the searches carried out in these last months have carried to some confirmations are as far as the objectives of these military experiments are for how much concern the methods and the strategies.

Some time ago, we have shown various resumptions video that evidenced an important detail: the chemical-biological elements come dispersed, in very many occasions, to of under or inside of cumuli from beautiful time and therefore to not suitable quotas to the formation of wakes of it condenses.

The cumuli are clouds of low type. They find themselves to quotas comprised between the 800 and the 2,300 meters and are formed generally in presence of high pressure. Of usual therefore they appear in the days of beautiful endured time or after a heavy shower. The cumuli denote rather high atmospheric humidity values.

To this point a problem is born: the systems of military communication of last generation between the radar stations to earth, the satellites, the aircrafts with or without pilot, the nanosensori wireless have need of two conditions:

a) The atmospheric medium must be rendered through the dispersion of metals which elettroconduttivo the aluminum and the barium
b) The relative humidity values must be maintained on low levels

The soldiers have resolved this problem, employing squadrons of airplane that release in the atmosphere (to the quotas cumuli) know them of barium, trimetilalluminio and silicon gel, therefore to create a channel for the frequencies radio and, at the same time, to disintegrate present cumuli let alone to prevent the formation of new.

Once that this task is finished, other aircrafts come diverted on the areas in which must be operated a series of definable overflights ” of mantenimento”.

Here therefore explained the employment of airplane that, evidently, also release wakes of evanescente type with extremely low temperatures and that some can exchange for contrails. That re-enters in the requirement at a low altitude to obtain a valid dissimulazione in the creation of a elettroconduttiva cover that it is constituted from layers crafts them or from chemical fog. In fact the elements dispersed with the wakes of not persistent type have the ability to diffuse themselves in short times in the surrounding atmosphere, creating an effect from smerigliato glass. The sky appears opaque, reflecting, dazzling. The blue coloration pale to mattino and the milk-white to the afternoon, let alone the complete cumulus absence from beautiful time, reveals the presence of aerosol activity that all is fuorché wakes of condenses.

The services weather will announce days sunned with ” innocuous airframes of passaggio” or fogs are diffused in reality… are deadly fogs of fallen back, originated from the presence of metals and other elements I am diffused in atmosphere.


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  1. hey there, the chemtrails over the sf area have been so unbelievable lately … i think today was the absolute worst. ive done a lot of research about this (geoengineering) and have lots of delicious tags … tonight im feeling as if i’m getting a cold out of nowhere…. wondering if the NASA refusal to talk to Obama’s team has anything to do with this program?

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