History of Republican Economic Malfeasance (2008)

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Part 1

Part 2


Economists in Denial-Blind to the Consequences of Offshoring By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

The Truth Comes Out About Offshoring By Paul Craig Roberts

Stimulus Plan is a Scam to Benefit the Rich by Sean Olender


Roberts-Paul Craig

The Economy Sucks and or Collapse 2

6 thoughts on “History of Republican Economic Malfeasance (2008)

  1. Excellent review of the pitfalls of reaganomics.
    Where did you find all those excellent graphics in part 1?

    So, do we get a part three? This left off a while back with that much lauded $600 check (still can’t find mine in the junk mail).

    Does the Cook Plan qualify as Demand Side Economics?

    And exactly what does PCR have to say for himself after having postulated this absurd theorem that screwed everything so up so permanently.

    (Right now I’m so over that guy, won’t read his book, I don’t wanna hear any more paul craig roberts and his lame attempts to fix the wrongs of his reaganomic complete destruction of commerce, no matter how much back-pedaling he tries to do on IFC).

    • Thanks natureboy!

      Oh man, the videos are a year old now, not sure the source of the graphs. There probably won’t be a part 3, but I probably will do related videos on the failings of anarcho-capitalism and the Austrian school.

      The Cook Plan is absolutely demand side. Alaska has nationalized oil, that’s what those checks are, why isn’t Sarah Palin fighting against it as a evil Socialist program? Because people in Alaska like it! I’m sure the local businesses get a nice sales bump when the checks are distributed too. If the oil was not nationalized, if there were no checks, where would the money go that otherwise gets distributed to the people Alaska? It would go into the pockets of the very rich, there would be no sales bump, the people would just have less money and the economy would be worse off.

      As to Paul Craig Roberts, the reason I quote him in the video is because he used to a full blown Reagonomics man and has since joined the reality based community. He called for the impeachment of Bush years before the economic collapse, he is not a blind partisan. If you are in a situation to influence government policy and it does not work as you predicted, then at least admit it. Paul Craig Roberts does now acknowledge the failings of Supply Side Economics. The reason I used Roberts is specifically because he helped set the supply side table and at least used to be one of the leading conservative economic voices.

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