“In the beginning, there was Alan Greenspan…” + Palast video

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by Loretta Napoleoni
Author of Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality (Seven Stories Press) Just released!
April 15, 2008

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Hedge-fund Hogs, Lunatic Leverage & Banks Gone Beserk

In the beginning there was Alan Greenspan. Appointed by Ronald Reagan in the late 1980s as chairman of the Federal Reserve, Greenspan was a Master of the Universe, a title he earned by working for decades on Planet Wall Street. Greenspan took office as Fed chairman while the Evil Empire of Moscow was collapsing; after years of ruthless conflict, known as the Cold War, the Confederation of the Free World gained victory and Greenspan was tasked with helping Western capitalism colonize Planet Earth. Worshipped by Western high finance – the Supreme Council of the Free World – Greenspan was considered the High Priest of future profits.



Greg Palast interviews Loretta Napoleoni



Loretta Napoleoni is the author of Rogue Economics. Palast and Loretta discuss the potential for another 1929 and how’s it come to this.


‘When you’re ready to take a big leap beyond Freak-o-nomics, strap yourself in for Rogue-o-nomics, Loretta Napoleoni’s devilishly enjoyable journey into the money veins of the new global order’ -Greg Palast

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  2. Greenspan is, and will always be, our economic God. Though his bastard child Bernanke ostensibly run the private corporation fiat currency inflation wagon (the FED), uncle Alan still controls the reins. Once you come to the grips with the realization that you are a slave to the Wall street bankers and their overlords, life becomes easier. Continue to exceed your means, run up your MasterScam credit card balance, and accept your impending bankruptcy absolution. Remember to keep smiling – a happy slave is a productive slave.

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