Condoleezza Rice Must Go (Action Alert) + video (updated)

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originally posted April 11, 2008 8:17 AM

Updated: April 16, 2008 added another video

“Given new revelations that Condoleezza Rice chaired the meetings approving specific torture techniques, she can not continue as Secretary of State. Secretary of State Rice Must Resign”

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ABC News: Bush advisers approved torture

ABC, 4/9/08



Condi Must Go! (Commercial version)


April 16, 2008 (Less info)
We are airing a 30-second version of this film tonight.

How can we express the terrible shock we have felt from the proven fact that our government is using torture? How can we express what so many of us are thinking—that it is absolutely appalling to know that our representatives are implementing barbaric instruments of torture as policy? How do we express our moral outrage?

Perhaps more importantly, how do we begin to take steps towards ending this heinous crime?



Countdown: War’s First Casualty + Under Iraq + Team Torture?

Sources: Top Bush Advisors Approved ‘Enhanced Interrogation’

Mukasey Refuses to Say Yoo 4th Amendment Memo Withdrawn

Capital Crimes: Another Smoking Gun on Terror War Torture by Chris Floyd

2 thoughts on “Condoleezza Rice Must Go (Action Alert) + video (updated)

  1. Dandi,
    “it was legal, according to the Attn. Gen.”, what if the Attn. Gen. is wrong ?
    Ohh, its Ok as long as no fingers can point back later and say, oops, that was Illegal. So thats why, foreign sub-contrctor interrogator’s, are used, The contractor is responsible to comform to Inter-National Laws, so “we’re” INNOCENT, see, the Contract relieves usA from liability.

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