Hardball: McCain Allowed to Punt on Torture Issue

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During Hardball’s College tour with John McCain, Matthews asks McCain how he is different from George Bush, and one way McCain says he is different is on the issue of torture. McCain is allowed to say that we should never torture people again, thus admitting Bush has tortured, and although not shown in the clip, there is no follow up from Matthews about Bush’s signing statement saying he can torture anyway, and McCain’s silence on the issue.

Mini-Doocy Plays Hardball

How the hell does Steve Doocy from Fox News’ kid end up as one of the questioners on Hardball asking if Hillary is hitting the sauce or not? Here’s Mini-Doocy in action asking a “fair and balanced” question of John McCain during Hardball’s College tour in PA.


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  2. Dandi,
    Cheese Steaks, only the rich can afford such luxuries.

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