Something must be Done to Stop the Gaza Siege By Liam Bailey


By Liam Bailey
featured writer
Dandelion Salad

The Bailey Mail
April 16, 2008

2008-04-13 17:16:42 **opinion**

This is unbelievable, why is the world allowing Israel to create an outright humanitarian disaster, or at least, why is Israel still being treated like butter wouldn’t melt.

They are to keep Gaza’s main fuel depot closed for a “few days more.” The measure was imposed because of a Palestinian attack that killed two Israeli civilians, and Israel has decided to use it as an excuse to intensify its collective punishment of the entire Gaza population.

I am not ashamed to say that it makes me sick to my stomach. Does a Gazan baby in intensive care deserve to die because of power shortages, in retaliation for the death of an Israeli civilian? In the Zionist Israeli government of Jewish supremacist’s, just how many Palestinian lives are worth one Israeli live?

The way I look at it is, in all the man-made humanitarian disasters there have been around the world, the leaders who cause them become international pariah’s, under pressure from the entire international community to rectify the situation, all the while pouring humanitarian aid efforts into the affected areas. Yet Israel is slowly, surely and deliberately causing, what looks like becoming one of the worst humanitarian disasters in my lifetime, and they are still being treated as a great ally of democracy, freedom and peace — whack!

What makes it worse, is not the fact that Israel is not punished for its openly contravening the Fourth Geneva Convention by collectively punishing an entire population for the actions of its armed resistance, but the fact that it controls everything that enters or leaves Gaza, meaning aid can’t get in, and the sick can’t get out. Israel is carrying out the slow and painful murder of an entire population, those that don’t die from direct Israeli actions, the power shortages, or lack of property medical care, are being killed mentally by Israel taking away their will to live.

What’s more, Israel is not naive to the fact that the situation is strengthening Palestinian armed resistance as is so commonly written, it is deliberately strengthening the resistance; provoking further attacks so they can continue doing what they like in “self defence”.

The world at large has to end this and we have to do it now.


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One thought on “Something must be Done to Stop the Gaza Siege By Liam Bailey

  1. A good posting, but you should proofread before you post 🙂

    The Muslims in Gaza are brave and strong people.
    They will stand up to the Zionists and will not stop fighting. They do not give in to despair.

    I believe the time will come when Israel will fall. Evil cannot continue forever.

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