Tax Protest Puts “Me” Over “We” (video)

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Many times I’ve said the same thing, Libertarians/Republicans/Capitalists = me, Socialists = we.  ~ Lo


If you consider yourself middle class, then you probably have a right to be upset about taxes. In Minnesota, when you include all local, state and federal taxes, you pay a higher proportion of your income in taxes than those who make more than $400,000 a year. And those who are poor pay a rate nearly twice as high as the rich.

The culprits for this disparity: a decade of tax cuts for the rich based upon the false belief that they trickle down to the rest of the economy, and tax hikes on the middle class and poor in the form of property taxes, or disguised as fees.

At a time when our economy, quality of life and infrastructure are declining, protesters and Republican Congressional Representatives are calling for even more tax cuts. Growth and Justice’s Angela Eilers says the protesters are a vocal minority who are putting “me” over “we.”


NOW: Taxing the Poor (video link)

The War on Greed starring Larry the Loophole (video)

One thought on “Tax Protest Puts “Me” Over “We” (video)

  1. Dandi,
    Taxes’ =”s permanent In denturism. or slavery still !
    Another way to steal your “Life, Liberty, and..”, Oh, that’s been over-ruled by a Higher Authority than a “creator”.

    The trickle down theory works,
    Works good for the countries Elite only.

    Like Nuisance Laws, a Perception tax, with no re-course.
    Nuisance Laws of perception, lacking the necessity of Knowledge, or Understanding.
    Welcome to the Grind, forever and ever and ever and…

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