This Is A Warning! Bush Is Planning To Attack Iran! (videos)

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Updated: April 17, 2008 added partial transcript. ~ Lo


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April 15, 2008
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Updated: April 17, 2008

partial transcript

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“I am pleased that we have taken time from our schedules to come to the floor tonight to sound the alarm. The saber rattling is going on by this administration. The remarks that we’re hearing day in and day out are more accusatory toward Iran.

… we all know that U.S. strikes against Iran would be disastrous.

Middle East experts generally agree that Iran would respond to a U.S. strike by attacking U.S. and Israeli interests throughout the region and possibly globally. These strikes would lead to a greater Middle East war, including greater loss of life, financial burden, over stretch of our military and worse.

We’re sounding the alarm this evening and we are sending a message to the President of the United States of America and to the Vice President, particularly now to the Vice President, who, when he was reminded by an ABC News reporter that the recent polls show that two-thirds of Americans say the fight in Iraq is not worth it, his response was, “and so?” Well, Mr. Vice President, our “and so” to you tonight is, and so the American people do not want us to continue this war in Iraq and to air strike in Iran. We’re sounding the alarm.

We are made to believe that we are somehow being placed at a great threat by Iran.

And so we know where this is going. We know what this means, and we’re saying, we must not rule out diplomacy. …

We know that we’ve still got work to do on Iraq. We’ve still got to make many Members of this House feel comfortable with the idea that they can confront their President, that they can still be very, very patriotic as they stand up against war …

We know that the work has to be done, but we’ve got to add to that work the fact that we can stop an airstrike on Iran and we can stop the notion that somehow we must send more soldiers in.” – Rep. Maxine Waters April 15, 2008


Source: U.S. Strike on Iran Nearing

The Coming War with Iran: It’s About the Oil, Stupid

American Hegemony Is Not Guaranteed By Paul Craig Roberts

The Coming Uncertain War against Iran by Ramzy Baroud

Beware an Attack on Iran by Prof. Marjorie Cohn



7 thoughts on “This Is A Warning! Bush Is Planning To Attack Iran! (videos)

  1. Thanks for watching part of a video, sorry to hear that you are on dial-up. I do try to have transcripts if available posted or linked whenever I can because of the many people still using dial-up.

    I don’t think that we, the people are willing to have our children fight in another invasion, it’s the administration that wants this, not us.

  2. i only watched part of the last video because i am on dail up and it is soooooo slow to load it up…

    but thanks for posting this stuff and it is good to get the word out…please keep it up….

    it is disheartening to think so many americans would willing throw their sons and daughters to the lions in the name of nothing…

  3. Hi Jocko, thanks for reposting. Good point, and hopefully through our alternative media we can have more people see the videos and know what is going on. And we need to contact our own congresspeople and let them know what we think about another invasion!

  4. Thanks for bringing this to the front. This is important. I’m sad that they brought up on the one day of the year where everyone in the country is occupied with their taxes.

    I’ve posted the first video and cited you on my blog. This is good information and well presented by the politicians.

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