Bush Speech on Global Climate Change + US climate change plan branded ‘Neanderthal’

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Updated: April 18, 2008 See article below. ~ Lo

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April 16, 2008
C-SPAN Bush Coverage


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US climate change plan branded ‘Neanderthal’

April 17, 2008

A new plan from US President George Bush which aims to cap greenhouse gases by 2025 has been dismissed as “disastrous” and “Neanderthal” by a group of ministers at a climate change meeting in Paris.

This week Mr Bush said he wanted to stop the growth of US emissions by 2025, taking a stronger stance on the issue than in the past.

However his plan, announced at a ministerial-level meeting of major carbon emitters, has drawn criticism from delegates from Australia, the European Union and some US participants.


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  3. Dandi,
    I believe warming is natural, and blamed humans, to scape-goat all humans as the culprits causing global warmth.
    Where is the Renewalbe Bio-Fuels, let the small independent farmer’s compete.
    We’ve seen what a single source energy co-op has brought.

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