Countdown: Double Talk McLieberman + ABC News Attacks Obama In Debate

Dandelion Salad


April 16, 2008

Double Talk McLieberman

Keith reports on Joe Lieberman being invited to speak at the Republican Convention by John McCain. Howard Fineman weighs in on McLieberman’s bitterness towards the Democratic Party.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Hugh Hewitt. Runners up Rush Limbaugh and Shepard Smith.


Tonight’s: Domestic Spy-Gate, Surge Isn’t Working-Gate and Defacto Draft-Gate.


ABC News Attacks Obama In Debate

Obviously in the Tank for Hillary Clinton, ABC News decided to go on constant attack against Obama for the entire debate. Bringing up old news and flag pins and even using fox news questions by Sean Hannity about some association to some weather underground guy when Obama was 8 years old. George Clintonopolis Was the mouth piece for Fox News and Charles (I’m a Rich Bastard) Gibson only cared about capital gains taxes. I think people need to wake up. I say tax anyone who makes over 100k a year and leave the rest alone. The majority of Americans make less then 100K a year and don’t own stock. These rich bastards need to realize this and quit pretending people care about Capital Gains taxes. If you have capital gains then you don’t need a tax break. ABC did not realize the back lash of the debate. As of 1:00 am their web site was hit with thousands of complaints about the debate and thousands more to come.