No Warrant, No Search! + Ron Hampton (videos)

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ACLU, Flex Your Rights, and ACORN volunteers go door-to-door in Southeast DC educating residents about their 4th Amendment right to refuse warrantless police searches.

No Warrant, No Search! (video)


Ron Hampton, National Black Police Association

Ron Hampton describes how warrantless police search requests further undermine trust between police and the public.


#OWS Teach-In: What to Say to the Police

Know Your Rights: Shirley Horng + Matt Fogg, LEAP (videos)

What To Do If You Get Stopped By The Police by Karl Denninger

BUSTED: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters (must-see video)

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  2. You are the only one that has may email except my closest friend.This is because I truly repect what you do and I really need to learn this stuff.Tell me a good place to get started.

    My youtube account is (eddiedaskull) check it out you will see where my head is at and how I hate the pig nation

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  4. TY,
    Praise all that’s good, exposing the victimizing of children in a group[“gangs/suspects”, yes there are some], but what you see it on T.V. all the time, is policing[money by Authority], & “Public Safety[ money by Perception], and of finally Corrections[ money by law].
    Guilty, Not Guilty, Nolo Contendre, or Victim ?

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