Countdown: Some Questions for George + McBushonomics

Dandelion Salad


April 18, 2008

Countdown: Some Questions for George

Keith has a list of questions for George Stephanopoulos to ask John McCain when he is on his show This Week this coming Sunday.


Keith reports on the McCain’s income, and budget proposals. Rick Perlstein weighs in on McCain’s budget priorities and advisors.


Tonight’s: Corrupt the Military-Gate, Housing-Gate and When We Win, We Win-Gate.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Bill O’Reilly. Runners up Newt Gingrich and the government of China.


Hillary The Whiner Lying About Whining

Hillary the liar accuses Obama of whining about the debate debacle on ABC, while saying she never whined about anything. Welllllllll, The liar keeps lying, we have tape of Hillary the whiner.