Major revelation: US media deceitfully disseminates government propaganda

Dandelion Salad

By Glenn Greenwald
April 20, 2008 08:14 EDT

This morning’s “blockbuster” New York Times article by David Barstow, documenting the Pentagon and U.S. media’s joint use of pre-programmed “military analysts” who posed as objective experts while touting the Government line and having extensive business interests in promoting those views, is very well-documented and well-reported. And credit to the NYT for having sued to compel disclosure of the documents on which the article is based. There are significant elements of the story that exemplify excellent investigative journalism.

At the same time, though, in light of questions on this very topic raised even by the NYT back in 2003, it is difficult to take the article’s underlying points seriously as though they are some kind of new revelation. And ultimately, to the extent there are new revelations here, they are a far greater indictment of our leading news organizations than the government officials on whom it focuses.


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  5. agents of evil my friend, agents of evil

    disinfo agents the lot of them

    without the net, we’d be brainwashed idiots

    blow up your television

    burn your newspapers

    think for yourself

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