Bush admin gets hardline in New Orleans by The Underground Radicals

by The Underground Radicals
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
The Underground Radicals
April 21, 2008

Today President Bush signed amendments to executive orders that he had previously made relating to the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. The amendments alter the chairmanship of the council in charge of the recovery effort from the assistant to the President for Economic Policy to the assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. This signals a somewhat more military approach to the situation in New Orleans and a departure from Economic assistance. These amendments also correspond with the alarming John Warner National Defense Authorization Act of 2006, which gave the President the discretion to describe a national emergency as terrorist attacks, natural disasters and the threat of any such attacks. The Act pulls control of FEMA directly under the Presidency, gives him the authority to declare martial law and to take charge of the US National Guard without the authority of the state Governor.

The amendments also extend the timespan of the created council until January 2009.

The post of assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrosim is traditionally (within the Bush administration at least) the one in which preparations for the possibility of the implementation of Continuity of Government (COG) are made. Former assistant Frances Fragos Townsend was National Continuity Coordinator, a position created under National Security Presidential Directive 51, the precursor to the John Warner Act.

The current holder of the post is Kenneth Wainstein. Wainstein was pivotal in the creation of the new National Security Division within the Justice Department, which was created under the reauthorization of the Patriot Act in 2006. Wainstein is a proponent of changing of the FISA law to allow wiretaps without proper legal authorization. http://www.motherjones.com/mojoblog/archives/2008/03/7473_fisa_and_total.html

The passing of authority on this council from an economic to an intelligence assistant to the Presidency should be treated with alarm. The original Stafford Act was set up to provide economic assistance to an effected area, not to oversee the subversion of the area in a time of crisis by an increasingly powerful executive.

Too frequently do orders such as these slip under the fence. I have added the rss feed from the White House to my reader so that I can stay on top of these.

Two other recent executive orders make reference or allusions to Continuity of Government

Feb. 15 Executive Order: Providing An Order of Succession Within the Department of Health and Human Services
Feb. 13 Executive Order: Blocking Property of Additional Persons in Connection with the National Emergency with Respect to Syria

I am not suggesting that any plan for the implementation COG is in any way immanent, but it appears that preparations for the possibility of its use are underway.

As pointed out by Professor Peter Dale Scott in his book ‘The Road to 9/11′, Continuity of Government is not an accurate definition, it is rather a determination of the constitution and of the elected representative system.

The Amendments can be seen here http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/04/20080418-11.html

The original Executive order can be seen here http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G1-139434707.html


National Security & Homeland Security Presidential Directive 51 (2007)

Congress Quietly Repeals Martial Law Provision by James Bovard

6 thoughts on “Bush admin gets hardline in New Orleans by The Underground Radicals

  1. this is insane..! is there nothing anymore that they’re not trying to classify as “terrorism” and “counterterrorism”..?? Just about everything you see on the news these days is one big distraction to keep people from realizing what’s going on, whether it’s American Idol, the presidential election, etc… Obama and Hilary are both dirty and working toward the same goals.

  2. Yes, this is very alarming as it puts focus on “security” rather than economic support and Bush consistently writes laws to subjugate rather than to assist. The most scary thing is knowing that everything is done for a reason. Why does he sign all these executive orders if he does not intend to use them? Why bother?

    Obviously he has a plan in mind. What is it?

  3. Liberty Goddess M, the whole long and drawn out presidential race (going on what 2 years now?) is just another distraction.

    We must pay attention to what is going on by the current admin. Although it’s not all that easy to do with all the secrecy, and lack of media attention, etc.

    Thanks go to The Underground Radicals for highlighting this in their post and for allowing me to have them as guest writers for my blog. 🙂

  4. Holy CRAP Lo.

    A) this terrifies and angers me.

    B) time to act!

    Is it time to form meetups and grass roots efforts to make make preventing war and martial law THE priority?

    I don’t see that we have any choice.

    You want my truly cynical tin foil hat opinion? I think the timing of this indicates that the power structure is using the Election itself as a distraction Look how the media conducted the last debate between Obama and Clinton. It sounded like the “Entertainment Tonight” version, “Debate Light”, “Now with 90% Fewer Real Issues!” I exaggerate, but only to make a point.

    I think people need to concentrate, pay attention, and cease and desist with any party-driven divisiveness. I thought for a short while that we would have time to officially form an opposition, perhaps cross-party combination party and ticket (i.e. Kucinich-Paul, Gravel-Nader, etc.) but I don’t think there’s even time for that.

    We have to reach across the aisle NOW, daily, and try to break through the mainstream media blockade. I think it’s time to commandeer photocopiers at work (with stealth of course) and start making flyers, brief write-ups of the most pressing issues, and start standing on street corners. “Democrats and Republicans for Peace and Liberty” – that’s way too wordy, but you get my point.

    The slope is getting more slippery with each passing day. When we look back in time upon this, let us not say that we lost our chance at Peace AND Freedom in the blink of an eye, all because no one would act.

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