I know no one cares about Somalia by Chris Floyd

Dandelion Salad

by Chris Floyd
Empire Burlesque
Monday, 21 April 2008

I know no one cares about Somalia; every time I write about it on the website, the traffic drops like a stone. (Let’s see if that headline draws a few eyeballs, though. If it works, we might just rename the whole damn blog.) But I don’t care if no one cares. There is a continuous slaughter and ravaging of innocent human beings going on in Somalia, a vast atrocity that is sponsored, funded, greenlighted and directly aided by the United States government, and I’m going to keep on writing about it.

This third Terror War campaign of “regime change” by the American military machine has already spawned what the UN calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, and every day leaves more civilian bodies rotting in the streets, and more fleeing families stranded in the middle of nowhere, with nothing. At every step of the way, the Bush Administration has assisted its proxy force of Ethiopian invaders and CIA-paid warlords, by rocketing villages, killing goatherds, capturing refugees and “renditioning” them to Ethiopian torture chambers, and even sending in openly avowed “death squads” to “kill anyone left alive” after bombing strikes. At every step of the way, the Bush Administration has conducted and assisted operations that Americans once would have considered the stuff of old-movie Nazis, twirling their waxed Prussian moustaches as they send a young mother off to a concentration camp, or order artillery barrages on residential areas, or dispatch death squads to pump bullets into the heads of human beings left twitching, burned and bloodied after a sneak attack by Stukas.

Oh, I know none of this is nearly as important as working up a mighty “blogswarm” against ABC because some witless TV talking heads aimed some witless questions at politicians on the make who have been spouting witless bumpersticker platitudes all over the country for months on end. I know I should be out on the street in protest, sticking it to The Man with some really ironic placards or something. Because after all, the only thing that matters in this election — where the American proxy war in Somalia has not been mentioned at all, and where all the candidates earnestly pledge to conduct the global War of Terror with even more ruthless efficiency than the “incompetent” Bush — is what a few Beltway insiders say to each other on the Tee-Vee.

But surely, in the big and glorious tent of the blogosphere, there is room for a minor story or two about a little American-backed mass murder in one of those funny little countries across the ocean, right? Like this AP story featured — that is to say, buried — in the New York Times on Monday: “81 Die in Clashes Between Islamists and Troops in Somalia.