The Laws of Nature: Happy Earth Day from Nader/Gonzalez (video)

Dandelion Salad


This is the Nader/Gonzalez 2008 Earth Day Greeting.

There’s no denying the Laws of Nature – the only way to get the harvest you want is to plant the right seeds.

It’s springtime in my hometown of Akron, Ohio. The robins, finches, bluejays and cardinals are busy building nests. The buds are opening so quickly on the dogwood tree outside my window that it is almost detectable to the naked eye. The redheaded woodpecker high atop the tree laughs his Woody laugh and I spot him quickly. The tiny fresh blades of grass gingerly poke their heads up through the dirt like the delicate babies that they are, preparing for their future of being wriggle material for children’s toes. Spring has sprung!

We have had a long, snowy winter, but now it is time for me to get to work. I’m a web developer/mom by day, and amateur gardener by night. Gardening isn’t easy for me, and I’ve spent quite a few years watching the masters before I gave it a try. When I was a child, my grandparents grew enough good fresh food to feed their family as well as the extended families of their four children. I also learned techniques from my nature-friendly friends. Finally, after quite a bit of building up to the moment, I stood up from the computer, got a shovel and literally DUG IN.

Now it is several years later, I look forward to spring so I can get the earliest start possible on my garden. I know exactly what I want to plant. I have learned the HARD WAY that this is not going to come easy. Everything I put into this garden is exactly what I get back!

I can’t just pick out any old plants, plant them and forget about them. The way to get the best garden is to think about the end result that you want to see. Do I want an all-organic garden? Then I need to choose starts and seeds that are organic. Do I want early tomatoes? Then a few New Girl’s or Early Boy’s might be in order.

It is true – I can attest – in my garden, I reap what I sow.

Working in the garden has also given me lots of “thyme” to just think. No phones, email, instant messages and skype requests popping up. Just me and the squirmy earthworms.

It hit me that this is exactly why we can’t compromise when choosing a President of the United States.

So long as we plant the crop we want and carefully nurture and tend to it, we will harvest exactly what we want.

So long as we choose and support a President that truly represents us, we will harvest exactly what we want.

Happy Earth Day!

-Karen Kilroy
Nader for President 2008 Web Team