Ode to the Corporate Communists by Bartholomew Bean

Bartholomew Bean

Image by Dandelion Salad via Flickr

by Bartholomew Bean
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
April 23, 2008

Oh “corporate communists”, how can it be, this world of ours
Can it flourish, with the likes, of thee?
Your vast world banks, of ink, paper, and numbers
Ramdon access memory, and wastefull blunders
Life destroyed by your greedy plundering schemes

How can you cope with the lives of billions
How can they be used to increase your trillions
Their needs are simple
But your acts of generosity
Are few

A war you say would be a grand solution
To help your economy and curb this population pollution
A means of killing two birds
With one bomb
Or two hundred thousand, or more

Oh corporate chiefs with your grand solutions
Do you have an opening in your grand institutions
May I stand at your assembly lines that will eliminate
The scores of helpless

Much less expensive than education
No need to worry about denomination
No bother to provide mass public transportation
When freight cars, and freight trains
Will do

What’s that you say,”why it’s all in the public interest”
Line up the children, encourage them to enlist!
Let their blood fill the ditches
And run in torrents
On some foreign shore

Your mindless greed amasses your riches
You sell your weapons to the singing of witches
Whose taunts send you reeling,
The dance of death
And war

Oh sacred light holy, oh compassionate love
Of stars distant shining, so high and above
Please touch the hearts of these darkened men
Whose numbers are in scores
Raise up their beings to know your wisdom
To see the love of a higher vision
To know the faces of those, whom
They thoughtlessly destroy

The lyrics come from the CD recording, “In the Land of the Giant Midgets” recorded in c 1989 by Bartholomew Bean–all rights reserved.


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