Welcoming Immigration as a Solution by Guadamour


by Guadamour
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Originally written in 2006
Apr. 23, 2008

A couple of the major issues of our time are immigration and the exploding world population, and unequal distribution of wealth. Today I read one of the most positive and uplifting articles I have ever read on this topic.

The article described the people in two communities. One in Spain, Aguaviva, and one in Romania, Peretu.

Aguaviva is located almost due east of Madrid in Catalunia and a good distance from the sea. Aguaviva was shrinking, steadily losing population. The Mayor of Aguaviva, a doctor, knew that he had to do something drastic to save his patient, the village. The vital signs were not good, and there was a very real possibilty of death.

He decided to embrace and encourage immigration. He advertised for people from Romania to move to the area.

It worked! The people from Peretu, southwest of Bucharest near the Bulgarian border moved to Aguaviva.

Now Aguaviva has a growing population, new houses being built, new businesses being opened, and it’s first ever manufacturing facility.

It has never been in a better econmic position. Because Aguaviva is doing better, so is Spain and the European Union.

Peretu, a destitute rural community that was able to offer its inhabitants little or nothing, has also benefitted.

Now what drives Peretu to growth and a better standard of living is the money sent back home from the people living in Spain. Also, when the people from Spain have accumulated enough money to move back to Peretu, they build new and improved houses with indoor plumbing, and they bring new ideas and concepts to improve their community back with them.

It is a win win situation.

In the United States of America the overall population is increasing as is the population of the world. However, almost all of the population growth is occurring in urban areas.

In the USA heartland and rural communities the population continues to dwindle. Schools are closed, business shut and boarded up, and the tax base shrinks.

The USA spends millions and is planning on spending billions in keeping people from entering the country. It is militarizing the border, and people are dying trying to cross, hoping to help their families in the countries they are leaving. They don’t want to leave their families, but out of economic necessity they do.

In Spain almost the entire immediate family immigrates.

Why can’t the USA start a program to rebuild and revitalize the rural heartland? Why can’t the money being spent on trying to seal our borders be invested in promoting and developing our shrinking rural resources?

The immigrants coming to develop our heartland would benefit as would the people in the places they came from, not to mention our communities and country.

Canada has huge tracts of vacant land, and they can take in a much larger number of immigrants than the USA. Canada would benefit, as would their neighbor, the USA, not to mention the entire world, for, after all, the total of humanity lives on the same small planet, and the differences that separate our cultures and societies is minimal.

This immigration policy needs to be implemented and implemented soon so the entire world can gather the harvest from the fruition of the total of humanity.

Everyone would gain with this immigration model!