The Road To World War III, Part II by Mickey Walker

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Here’s Part III: The Road To World War III: Bush’s Legacy, Part III

by Mickey Walker
Apr 27, 2008

Part II

In Part I of this series we considered the question: “How do you eliminate a debt?” To wit, how can the United States make our monstrous 9.5 Trillion dollar vanish like a rabbit in the hat trick before it drags us under? To review, only two legitimate ways to eliminate the massive National Debt seemed possible: to pay it off or to Welch (disavow it). But perhaps there is a third option. Neocon hawks and Fundamentalists with a Book of Revelation screw loose have discussed another possibility for years, and I present it to you now, tongue firmly in cheek. I do not suggest nor approve of the following course, but submit this third possibility to eliminate our debt as a surreal, fictionalized account of an alternative. So. Here goes. Instead of eliminating the debt, what if the United States eliminated the debtors, instead?

Let’s talk war and conquest (Cheney and Halliburton would salivate). What if we toppled Iran and the Saudis at the same time and took control of their oil? To appease the world, we could trump up a reason that the American people would swallow easy as yogurt (we bought into Bush’s lies about Iraq and WMDs and refuse to impeach him while wimpily we continue to fund his insane Iraq occupation). We could then decree that our debt is null and void (as part of the spoils of war) and take the oil as a bonus. Like, renege, dude. Sound good? That would work well for the Saudi debt, and as for our Japanese IOUs of hundreds of billion dollars, well; we could pay them off with Saudi captured oil revenues. Or not. After all, “might is right.” Right?

Consider the possibilities. Perhaps all the saber-rattling coming from the White House toward Iran is prologue to making world domination of oil, a reality, anyway. Why else would the U.S. be posturing toward war with Iran if we did not intend to take them by force? With Iran, we would control Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. And most all the world’s deep pools of easy-to-reach oil. As in the old TV series, “Outer Limits,” we would control the price. We would control the oil. We would control the world. Please don’t attempt to touch your dial. Sound too neat?

Well of course there would be other considerations. First, we would need to address our illegitimate warlike behavior of attacking other sovereign countries and taking their oil, but then legitimacy or truth has never slowed us down before. Saddam had no WMDs. He and bin Laden were not golfing buddies. So what has that got to do with our continued occupation of Iraq after 5 years? Ain’t no thang. It would be essential to provide an occupying army to keep peace in the torn and volatile aftermath for years. No problem. Stay tuned.

So what if Iran is the third domino to fall? Will we then have rid the world of Islamo-Fascists in the process as well? Pretty heady stuff. Our capturing the world’s oil so that we could exercise our divine right to rule the peoples of the world, bring to them democracy, and free elections, can’t be all that bad.

Selling the propaganda would be a piece of cake. We know that Islamo-Fascists (did Cheney coin that expression?) hate us and that they receive big bucks from the oil-rich Middle Eastern nations, some of which openly, are dedicated to our destruction. We could say that the oil-rich sovereigns had their chance to keep the terrorists in tow, but blew it. They preached Wahabi hate for Westerners, especially us Yanks, and the terrorists kept on attacking us and England and Spain (our allies) until we found it necessary to take extreme and final action to insure our own survival. It became necessary to seize their oil, the engine of our own destruction. It’s not unlike the same bonus the Conquistadores realized when they invaded America and brought religion to the Aztecs and Incas: GOLD.

And the overall good of mankind would be served if those who set upon our destruction were defanged forever, kicked to the curb, and banished back to the desert sands from which they came with their camels. They made us do it, see? Gave us no choice. They could have shared the oil and acted civilized, but they allowed too much of it to ooze to the dirty hands of the terrorists. So we had to nip that in the bud once and for all. Get the picture? Once seized, no more oil monies could be funneled to terrorists for C4 explosives to make roadside bombs. No more rocket-propelled grenades aimed at Yanks or Blackwater mercenaries. Halliburton could serve their imaginary meals to the soldiers in peace. The world just might buy into it all. But if not, no biggy. World opinion never stopped us before. Terrorists and those oil kingdoms that financed them made the fatal mistake of being hell-bent upon our destruction. Too bad. They f—– up. They should have paid attention and listened to us. But now they will become a footnote in history because they had their chance and blew it. Good riddance and God Bless America.

But before the final attack, invasion, and occupation to secure all the significant Middle Eastern oil, the United States must insure that it has made the proper alliances and that they are in place. First, the only army capable of occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia (including all the oil-rich adjacent countries such as Dubai, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi) is (drum roll, please), China. It’s essential that we cut China into the deal. Without them it won’t work. Their part would be to occupy the vast sands and cities of the Middle East with millions of Chinese troops, forever. And for that invaluable service China would receive, say 40% of the oil. That would make them smile because they will need easy sources of deep pools of oil in the near future as their robust economy expands. Besides all that, we don’t even want to consider war with China over oil because there would be no winners in such a conflict, only losers. So cutting China in for a lion’s share is essential.

The Russians, what about the Russians? Something could be worked out with them on the order of a cut, say 10% of the Middle Eastern captured oilfields. And as a sweetener, the United States could, free of charge, help the Russians with all the necessary technology to help them develop their own vast oil deposits. That’s like billions of dollars of coupons. That should keep them happy and compliant with being a partner in stealing the world’s oil from the Arabs and Persians.

So what about the rest of the world? What about England, France, Germany, Japan, the others? It seems reasonable that they could be a part of the alliance of oil robber barons for a collective cut of say, 15%. That should keep them still enough for a while. All members would be duty sworn to put down any world uprisings that might flare up against the new world oil alliance as well. That would leave the U.S. with a share of 35% of the newly-acquired Middle Eastern oil. But that would be okay because the deal would also factor in that the United States debt of 9.5 Trillion dollars be nullified and forgiven by countries such as Japan and China (who hold most of our 9.5 Trillion dollar IOUs).

The above percentages could be tweaked up or down, for better parity, if necessary, but the United States has a little oil of its own, and the 35% free infusion from the captured Middle Eastern oilfields should be ample amounts for U.S. consumption for the rest of the century. To the world and our new partners, we would say to them that we had not acted hoggish and taken all the oil or even the lion’s share, in the interest of world peace and cooperation amongst the developing nations of the world, our new partners.

The new alliance would control the world in many ways. First the boots on the ground (thanks to the Chinese) would be unmatched and invulnerable. The existing armies and weaponry of the alliance nations would be enough to dominate and squelch uprisings of dissenter nations post haste, all over the world. Finally, power would be in responsible hands. And terrorists would wither away to the sands as fleeting memories of a more hostile world of long ago. No oil, no terror.

The above scenario is pure fiction. But perhaps the chips could fall in that way. If alliances of those key nuclear-capable countries mentioned are not achieved, then the probability of World War III would be great. And the next war, WW IV, as Albert Einstein observed, would be fought with sticks and stones. All the countries need oil and more than ever before. But I got news for a lot of American hawks, and that’s simply this: too many of the other countries got nukes, too. China, Russia, France, England, Korea, Pakistan, India, Israel, even South Africa have nuclear weapons, and many of them have sophisticated delivery systems. China possesses ICBM submarines that could destroy the world. So do we and so do the Russians. France never agreed to stop testing nukes. Heck, in the 1950s France was detonating thermonuclear weapons yielding megatons of high explosive equivalents in the Bikini Atolls, Western Pacific. Would anybody believe that France could destroy the world three times over? Believe it. Check out world nukes by country:

Is it not becoming clear that nobody would win a conflict unless all the nuclear-armed countries are on the same side? And what good is the oil if the world is turned into a smoldering cinder? So there is no option but to gather and fuse all the nuclear-capable nations into an alliance with each other. It intrigues me that Iran, the last bastion of deep pooled oil deposits, is being touted as a danger that needs dealing with, now. Sounds reminiscent of when George W. Bush led us into war with Iraq. Déjà vu, all over again, eh? Here comes the fear. As Reagan might say, “There he goes again.” Maybe these secret alliances between world nuclear powers are being drawn up in the smoke-filled rooms of high government across the globe as we speak. And why not?

Is this not where Bushism is taking us? Could this be the very reason Bush’s Neocon successor, McCain, predicts we will occupy Iraq for 100 years? But going it alone this time might prove fatal. After all, the alternative of not forming such alliances would be WW III and total destruction of the planet, in one form or another, would it not? But either way, the United States would win (well, almost). See, either way, our 9.5 Trillion dollar debt would be liquidated. Technically that would be correct. But if we get greedy again and unleash World War III upon the world, our national debt would be liquidated, but so would the planet. That’s doing it the hard way, it seems. And a bit drastic.

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  5. Hi Shaine, McCain is scary indeed! But I do not predict that he’ll win in Nov. With 81% of the general public being dissatisfied with how things are going, and some 60% or more wanting the US out of Iraq, and the economy collapsing before our very eyes, I just can’t see how anyone but true die-hard Republicans voting for another 4 years (continuation of Bush) by voting for McCain.

  6. I realize this is satire, but it strikes me as all too real. I also predict a McCain Presidency (and he’s fucking nuts). I believe it is appropriate because massive amounts of unholy economic shit is rapidly coming down the turnpike, and it’s mostly due to the Repubs, though the crats were very complicit.

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