UN rapporteur talks about the global food crisis (vid)

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The United Nations is expected to reveal a so-called battle plan to tackle the growing global food crisis.

The meeting in Switzerland on Monday comes after a warning from the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food.

Jean Ziegler says biofuels are a crime against humanity. Al Jazeera asked him to give us his personal view on exactly what’s wrong with the system right now.


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One thought on “UN rapporteur talks about the global food crisis (vid)

  1. If one starts crunching numbers, ethanol is a total wash. It saves no energy whatsoever. It’s what the Republicans can point to and the Americans Agro-Business can get fat on.

    Anyone serious about an alternative needs to investigate growing algae in greenhouses (not taking any land out of food production), using little energy. Algae is the oigiinal source of petroleum, and grows very fast and produces abundant oil.

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