Countdown: Hillary’s False Gas Outrage + False Protest + All-Wright Already

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Hillary’s False Gas Outrage

She’s at it again. First she’s from NY, then She’s from PA., Now she’s from Indiana. Then her false outrage over gas. Then she has no Idea How To Pump Gas. Or even how to get a cup of coffee for her self. Her words ” Secret Service does this.” People don’t fall for this BS from this lying bitch. and she says Obama is an elite. Who made 110 Million. It was not Obama.

Hillary Stages False Protest

The Clinton’s stage a false protest at the DNC today. Using Clinton supporters from Fl. Now living in Florida as I do, We all knew month’s in advance, that our election did not count. The local election Offices notified everyone and all of the local news agency’s told everyday leading up yo the election. So don’t be fooled by the Clinton Campaign. This is More Hillary Lies.


All-Wright Already

Barack & Michelle Obama on COUNTDOWN Tomorrow!


“Man Overboard!”: Obama turns away from a drowning friend By Mike Whitney

Exclusive: Howard Dean, Shut up and pay attention! By J. Brett Whitesell

Barack Obama “outraged” by Reverend Wright (video)

Reverend Wright at NAACP (videos)

Barack Obama is a Pussy

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  2. Who cares about Clinton & Obama and the Democrats? They are really no different from the Pubs.

    Vote Green–Vote for Cynthia McKinney.

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