Exclusive: Howard Dean, Shut up and pay attention! By J. Brett Whitesell

By J. Brett Whitesell
Guest Writer
Dandelion Salad
Come The Revolution
April 30, 2008

Years ago the CEO of Long John Silvers, the fast food seafood restaurant chain, told its real estate department, “Do not build unless you can see the golden arches.” Why – because McDonalds had already spent millions in marketing and research to determine the best locations to build in every city and town they wanted to be in. Why do it again?

By the time the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had whittled down their candidates to two, the Republican Party had already spent a ton of money researching all the candidates. They had already beaten John Edwards before. Bill Richardson would make a great neighbor, but president?

Then while no one was looking Barack Obama shoots through the group with the crowds and charisma that made even Bill Clinton jealous. Obama had hit #1 with a bullet and looked like no one could beat him in November. What weapon could the GOP possibly use to stop him? Hillary Clinton, the other Democrat. They are so sure they can beat Hillary in November that they stop beating her up on the airwaves, are willing to spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours going into each open primary state rallying the republican base to vote for her. The GOP has recruited the use of Rush Limbaugh and Don Imus to convince all republicans that voting for Hillary today ensures a win for John McCain in November.

They are handing her all the ammunition she needs to beat up Barrack Obama. Obama is now being called a racist, a terrorist, and an elitist by his own party member, while the DNC stands by and watches. Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid have said that one of the candidates will have to be willing to stand down by the end of June, leaving the decision up to them. The reason? To allow Democratic voters enough time to heal.

Obama is the only one of the two with enough class to sacrifice his own ambitions for the better of the party. He is also the one taking the beatings from both sides. Anyone with any sense at all would walk away from this madness. The Republican Party has already spent the money and done the research. The GOP is now in control of the Democratic Primaries. They already know whom they can and can’t beat in November. They know who the next president of the United States could be. Someone in the DNC needs to slap Howard Dean in the face and tell him.


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4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Howard Dean, Shut up and pay attention! By J. Brett Whitesell

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  3. The GOP has been in control of the Democrats for a long time, simply by beating up the kinder, gentler party. But I don’t see Hillary Clinton as the enemy here. First of all, Obama is getting plenty of money from people who have to be Republicans. You cannot tell me the director of General Dynamics really wants Obama to be president! GD makes its money off of war. So why raise $200,000 for Obama? As for Hillary getting off easy, have you listened to MSNBC anytime recently? The enemy isn’t Hillary; the enemy is the Republican Party. Just because Hillary puts Obama through his paces doesn’t make her his enemy. I don’t see him bowing out for the good of the party, or offering a unity ticket (which she did).

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