Hamas Blocking & Stealing Fuel Supplies into Gaza is Wrong By Liam Bailey


By Liam Bailey
featured writer
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Middle East Conflict
April 29, 2008

2008-04-27 20:52:58 **opinion**

Well, what am I supposed to say now? Hamas are now making the situation worse for their own people by stealing from the precious little fuel that is being supplied, and preventing other supplies from getting through.

I have always been a big supporter of Hamas but that is just wrong. The consensus is that Hamas think turning the travesty into a crisis will force the international community to act, but quite simply, it won’t.

Anyone in the world that would act if they could is already calling it a crisis, and have been doing so since varying amounts of time after the siege began. The people who could act but won’t, will never call it a crisis, and will continue to say Hamas must meet the three demands asked of it for the Gaza siege to be lifted, namely: recognise Israel, adhere to previous agreements, and cease all acts of violence.

But Israel don’t have to meet, or even look like meeting any of the demands asked of them, like withdrawing and returning the land taken in 1967, and allowing for and assisting with the creation of a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital, and stop attacks and arrest raids on Palestinians, of which there was one just today (Apr 27).

Not only does Israel not need to meet any of those demands, but it has been given a rite of passage to break the 4th Geneva convention against the collective punishment of civilians for the actions of allied fighters, one of the most crucial international laws ever written, and which the Jewish Israeli government should respect as much as, if not more than any other.

Put simply, Hamas must meet three demands that had previously been asked in return for a Palestinian state and peace, just to stop Israel from breaking international law, without getting anything in return. When ex U.S. President Carter said the peace process had started going in reverse it was the biggest understatement ever.

So you can see why they would be getting desperate, but what is Hamas struggling for if not to make things better for its people, to make things worse, no matter what the reason, is, as far as I’m concerned completely wrong.

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