Clips From Hagee’s Sermons – Scary Stuff (video)

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Added: May 01, 2008


Bill Moyers Journal: Essay on Jeremiah Wright (video)

Max and the Marginalized: Teflon John (cartoon video!)

Since I gave up hope, I feel better. by William Blum

“Man Overboard!”: Obama turns away from a drowning friend By Mike Whitney

Countdown: Delegate Switch To Obama + Obama Interview + Mission Unaccomplished

Cannon Fodder For The Rapture – The Children of Palestine & Israel

Bill Moyers Journal: The GOP’s Nominee + Christians United For Israel (CUFI)

20 thoughts on “Clips From Hagee’s Sermons – Scary Stuff (video)

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  5. This Hagee thing will not die. You can count on genuine progressives to shove it into the spotlight every chance they get. Keep your eyes on the networks as Hillary’s candidacy becomes less and less relevant.

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  10. Be VERY afraid…

    Excellent essay by Frank Rich in the Times today about Hagee and the McCain endorsement (apparently Mr. Rich is reading Dandelion Salad for his topics), with an extensive forum discussion: “The All-White Elephant in the Room”.

    I’ve heard that both Bushes and Reagan were also dispensationalists, but I would like to substantiate that– does anyone have any data on the connection? The Power of Nightmares goes into it a bit.

    Certainly this would explain the neocon’s rabid militarism in the Mideast, since I’m beginning to doubt oil is the only reason, certainly ‘terrorism’ and 911 were debunked long ago as reasons for this war. The inexplicable, almost fanatical zionist support the US government displays would appear to indicate something dispensationalist in our midst…

    How we get Hagee’s mega-church and Wright’s mega-church all under the same roof of ‘Christianity’ (and even under the same wing of protestants, we’re not even talking about the Catholics and the Orthodox) is exactly why ‘believing’ anyone about anything so profoundly irrational and unreasonable as all these various churches, is a vast, and apparently incurably addictive mistake—One must Question ALL Authority, at all times. even ‘god’s’.

    There’s a book called the God Part of the Brain. Perhaps religion is like heroin and cocaine, not just figuratively the ‘opiate of the masses’, but an actual, physiological dependence, involving neurotransmitters that become deficient without the external stimulus, rendering such destructive and irrational ideas so profoundly, unquestioningly addictive. I’d be interested in such a study…

    Certainly for those of us who have not ‘found religion’, the antics of ‘religions’ are nothing short of cultist, as bizarre and destructive and irrational as the behavior of those who can’t get through the day without mainlining heroine or smoking crack.

    John Stewart did some excellent coverage of the Wright non-scandal (only ‘scandal’ being Obama’s ‘throwing Wright under the buss– talk about ‘flip-flopping’, one could imagine based on the success of the rabid right’s ‘swift-boating’ slime machine, that this very dis-ownership will be the final undoing of Obama).

    Stewart mentions Billy Graham’s indictment of ‘jews’ in the USA. Perhaps it’s time to do a nation-wide deconstructing of the whole phenomenon, from Robertson and Swaggart, to Creflo A Dollar and Hagee, and balance yet further this attack of Wright (whose politics are right on), with the truth about the whole insane cabal of mega-churches and evangelical money-machines who are apparently responsible for promoting the most destructive and anti-christian acts since the inquisition.

    The antics of these various evangelical cults that run the heartland, and whose ‘hearts and minds’ the corporcrats enlisted in their anti-counter-culture that has drained this culture of life for as long as I can remember, needs to be reversed if there’s any hope for peace. Certainly the trickle-up capitalism and religion of militaristic greed these people espoused since Reagan has sapped the nation of the profound innovations of the counter-culture, and waged senseless war on everyone in the name of US business interests and white protestant xenophobic american bigotry.

  11. The scariest thing of all is that Hagee is NOT an ‘extremist’ in the US. He is just repeating the orthodoxy of the American gospel. This is a gospel where sacrificing the lives of lesser, weaker, poorer people is deemed to be better than “compromise”, and where real Christianity is inevitably derided as “Communism” or “Socialism”.

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