Desperate For Health Care


by Guadamour
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Guadamour’s blog post
May 3, 2008

My friend Frank is a genius and a bit of an eccentric and always has been.

Frank was born in nineteen-fifty-five and is a member of the Mensa Society. His IQ is suppose to be off the charts.

When Frank wanted to join the military in 1968 the authorities wouldn’t let him because he was already studying physics engineering and they deemed what he was doing as a civilian too important to let him into the military.

Frank never actually worked as a physics engineer, instead he slipped onto the ground floor level of computer development. He was a natural at this, and the start-up company he was with boomed.

He ended up retiring in 1995 when the company was bought out. Frank was given a huge retirement package and a really good pension.

He looked forward to retirement and working on a number of projects he had in mind, projects he felt would benefit everyone and make him wealthy (though money had never been his major concern).

The company that bought-out the company that Frank worked for was consolidated into another larger corporation, and suddenly Frank’s pension disappeared. This didn’t bother Frank. He was well invested, had no debt and nothing to worry about.

At first Frank’s daughter just didn’t feel right. Then it was discovered that she had a kidney cancer that had metastasized to the liver and brain.

When Frank’s pension disappeared his insurance had evaporated, and he was unable to obtain coverage at any cost because both his wife and daughter were asthmatic.

By the time Sylvia died six months later over half Frank’s sizable life savings were gone. He was still not really worried, though he started looking for work in the field he had been employed. By this time the bubble had burst and there were no jobs to be had.

Things still looked good. He and Dorothy would get by. They owned their own house free and clear and still had no debt, plus they had always lived modestly and didn’t spend money frivolously.

Then Dorothy was diagnosed with lymphoma and hairy cell leukemia. Within four months all but thirty thousand dollars of Frank’s savings were gone, and Dorothy was dead.

Even as depressed as he was, Frank knew he would get buy. He still wasn’t in debt, and he was hoping for an idea that would make him millions. He worked on his ideas every day. He had to do something to keep himself from going crazy.

It was then the stiffness and jerkiness of his movements started roping him in. It took the doctors months, but he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Congestive heart Failure and Diabetes Mellitus.

Frank was worried. He went and applied for Social Security Disability, but he was denied over and over, because none of them were totally debilitating.

Frank was getting desperate. He put his house on market, but the bottom had fallen out and the bubble had burst. There were no takers, no matter at what price.

He still had too much money to qualify for welfare.

Frank ended up in the emergency room, and half his remaining money was gone, but he still did not qualify for indigent health care.

He realized that if he didn’t get care soon he would be dying quick, and he was still a relatively young man and wasn’t ready for that.

It was at that time he decided to take things into his own hands. He went and bought a handgun, and with it went in a tried to rob the local bank.

He ended up in Federal prison. He’s not happy with being in there, but he is getting treatment for his medical conditions and is improving, and he hopes to be out within ten years. He’s confided to me that he’ll probably try to rob another bank when he gets, because he can’t afford to take care of himself even when he gets social security.

Frank jokes and says, “And they say the United States doesn’t have a good health care plan!”


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