Burmese prisoners ‘executed after cyclone hit’ + No help reaching Myanmar survivors (vids) + Where to donate

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By Sebastien Berger, Graham Jenkins and Stephen Adams
9:35AM BST May 7, 2008

Thirty-six prisoners were shot dead at a notorious Burmese prison after Cyclone Nargis ripped through the country, it has been claimed.

Soldiers and riot police opened fire at Insein Prison in Rangoon, the capital of Burma, or Myanmar, after inmates there rioted, according to reports.

The facility, which houses many political prisoners who oppose the country’s military junta, has been described by former inmates as “the darkest hell-hole in Burma”.

The chilling report came after the Burmese authorities raised the estimate of the dead and missing to more than 60,000.

It is feared that the secretive regime’s paranoia has hampered the flow of aid which has now started flowing into the country.


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No help reaching Myanmar survivors


Across Myanmar’s Irrawaddy delta region, survivors are in desperate need of food, water and shelter.

The first United Nations aid flights have started arriving in Myanmar – but supplies are still to reach many of the victims, as Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Myanmar reports.


Village at the heart of Myanmar disaster

One of Al Jazeera’s correspondents in Myanmar has managed to reach the area worst-hit by Cyclone Nargis and hear for the first time eye-witness accounts of the true scale of the disaster.

This report is from a remote village at the heart of the Irrawaddy delta.

For her own safety, we are not naming our correspondent.


Burma-cant-wait says these are orgs that can get aid to the Burmese:

World Vision (US: 1-800-777-5777)

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Death toll soars in Myanmar cyclone + survivors’ long wait for aid

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