The Rise and Fall of Blackwater in Potrero (video)

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Residents of the small town of Potrero joined with environmentalists, peace activists, veterans groups, immigrant rights groups, and others to stop the mercenary firm Blackwater Worldwide from building a training facility in their town. This is the story of their fight and ultimate defeat of Blackwater. Featuring interviews with residents of Potrero both for and against Blackwater, including Jan Hedlun, and Gordon Hammers; as well as Blackwater’s VP Brian Bonfiglio; Jeremy Scahill, the author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army; and leading activists, including Raymond Lutz of Citizens Oversight Committee, Carol Jahnkow of the Peace Resource Center of San Diego, Enrique Morones of Border Angels, and Jeanette Hartman of the Sierra Club. Producer: Andy Trimlett

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Blackwater in Potrero (video)


6 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Blackwater in Potrero (video)

  1. Not to digress…
    Couldn’t help noticing the CHEMTRAIL across the sky in the final landscape pan!
    So with this organizational success, perhaps these residents could now take on THAT issue~

  2. Right on Potrero!
    Blackwater is a shady corporation and no one should have to be their neighbors. That one Vets for Peace lookin’ dude said it best;” If we need them to help our military they should go to the abandon military bases.”
    That’s paraphased but close.
    And when fire struck their town and Blackwater set up emergency communities and no one went there, again; right on Potrero!

    United Peace Relief (UPR) along with other non-profits such as Emergency Communities, ARRP, are all working to establish volunteer emergency relief in a truly humanitarian way to local communities.UPRDetroit has a newly formed group dealing with; food security issues, alternative medicine, and emergency relief. Every community should have something like that to ensure that we do not need Corporations like Blackwater capitalizing on disaster.

  3. dandi,
    hooray for the people, of Potrero.
    the residence had better start paying attention to their so called leader’s, making frivoluous gesture to gain short term financial gain.
    C.C. of A. convinced “our” city council to built a prison and stimulate the economy. Has become a negative, because of the influx of inmate families(Welfare recipients, whom have no other income) who temporarily reside in rental units, hence a creating the “Problem”. See, they don’t live like “us”. C.C. of A. has employed few local residence, most are transfers from where, and who knows why? Local business benefits little for the facility buys in bulk, which “our” city cannot provide.
    Residence, citizens, pay attention to your “Leader’s”.
    Sounds good, turns bad. Your fault !
    Evict all Incumbents local, regional, and federal
    It is your community, and “only you can prevent,” oppression. You(the community) must be involved, or these salesmen will confiscate your property, & liberty, with a promise, a promise unfulfilled.

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