We Must Democratize Our Economic Institutions by Manila Ryce

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By Manila Ryce
Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
The Largest Minority

The Real News – We Must Democratize Our Economic Institutions

Senior Editor Paul Jay sits down with economist Leo Panitch to discuss participatory economics. In a truly democratic society, democracy isn’t simply limited to the political process but is incorporated into every aspect of daily life. Workers must essentially own the means of production because capitalism is fundamentally opposed to democracy. Anything less than real socialism in America will equal the collapse of our country, not to mention our environment. For more info on democratizing society, check out the forum on Participatory Society for the 21st Century.

Debt-fueled rat race drives economic crisis


Leo Panitch part 1: Truly democratic institutions are needed to direct investment

Sunday May 4th, 2008

As the US Federal Reserve once again cut interest rates on Wednesday in the hopes of stanching the economic bleeding in the US, The Real News Network senior editor Paul Jay sat down with economist Leo Panitch to discuss the causes of–and solutions to–the current economic crisis. Panitch says that the increase in the standard of living since the Reagan era has largely been fueled by growing debt and longer working hours, and suggests that the solution is to democratize economic institutions.


Candidates calls for change to economy rhetoric

Leo Panitch interview: No US candidate talking about democratizing economy…

Added: May 05, 2008


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