The Daily Show: McCain Interview Part 2 By Manila Ryce

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By Manila Ryce
The Largest Minority
Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Don’t worry. The first half of the interview was just crappy jokes to break the tension.

I suppose I should be angry at John McCain for existing and Jon Stewart for not being more aggressive, but I’m not. Stewart has displayed his reluctance before to chastise the warmongers he invites on, so it’s really not surprising anymore when a highly-anticipated showdown turns into an incoherent mesh of nervous jokes and passive-aggressive cowering. Stewart did try this time to actually address some real issues, so I will give credit where it’s due.

In addition, holding McCain’s feet to the fire while giving Clinton and Obama a free pass would simply be partisan hackery. I’m all for Stewart getting tougher with politicians, but only as long as he does so with both guilty parties. The blogosphere is full of privileged hypocrites who’ve been demanding that Stewart hit McCain with a folding chair mid-interview, but will go on tirades about sexism, racism, or Democratic treason if anyone dares criticize Hillary and Barack on the same issues. These two candidates (who honestly aren’t that different from Mr. Double Talk Express) have been warmly welcomed by Stewart before. In fact, Hillary is much more aggressive towards Iran than McCain, and probably deserves the most amount of scrutiny amongst the three. If so-called liberals are going to grow some balls and start criticizing their leaders, they should first criticize the ones who claim to represent them.

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