Countdown: Mary Tillman + Double Talk Express + Harry Reid + Mort Sahl

Dandelion Salad


May 09, 2008

Mary Tillman Interview

Keith talks to Mary Tillman about the cover up following her son’s death in.

Double Talk Express

Keith talks about McCain’s pastor problems and whether it’s a good idea to be campaigning on Obama’s association with Wright given his pastor own problems with Rachel Maddow.

Harry Reid Interview

Keith talks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about the Democratic primary race, the FISA legislation, Iraq, and why Joe Lieberman still has his leadership position in the Senate.

Mort Sahl Interview

Keith interviews Mort Sahl about the latest political headlines.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Roger Ailes. Runners up Bill O’Reilly and the managers of Phillips 66 in KS.


You’re Damn Right I’m Angry. Why Isn’t Everybody? By David Michael Green

Congress’s Orwellian Compromise By Nat Parry

Welcome to the Jungle: US Military Psychological Operations by Heather Wokusch (video + article)

Tillman Hearing: Waxman’s Opening Statements + “Friendly Fire” Pat Tillman Hearing (videos)

Kucinich Questions Rumsfeld on Tillman Cover-Up (video)

Sen. Joe Biden Endorces Kucinich/Gravel 08 Ticket! + Pat Tillman Cover-Up + Vote Vets Founder Spells Out Tillman Cover-Up Perfectly (videos)

Tillman Hearing: Rumsfeld (videos)

Olbermann: Rumsfeld to Testify on Pat Tillman Cover-up Today + Sorry That’s Classified & Other Lame Excuses (video)

Tillman’s Revenge by Allen L. Roland

Tillman Comrade Recalls Final Moments

Olbermann: The House of Secrets + Congressional Hearing Next Week on Pat Tillman Cover-Up (videos)

Olbermann: The Nexus of Politics and Terror – The Cheese Bomb + A Dizzying Day of Scandal and Deceit + Confirmation of a Cover-up in Pat Tillman’s Death (videos)

Olbermann: But Why Executive Privilege In Pat Tillman Case? (video)

Still more White House secrecy — this time in the Tillman investigation by Glenn Greenwald + Olbermann: WH Invokes Executive Privilege In Pat Tillman Case! (video; election 08 debates)