Bill Moyers Journal: California Nurses Association

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Bill Moyers Journal
May 9, 2008

In this weeks BILL MOYERS JOURNAL, Rose Ann Demaro, the Executive Director of the California Nurses Association, argued that calling America’s approach to health care a “system” is innaccurate.If you look at health care in America, there is no health care “system.” There’s a health care industry thats major objective is profit-making — which means not providing the patient all of the care that they need, discharging patients early, patients without insurance being treated differently than wealthy people, frankly. And that is the health care “system” in America. Those who can afford it get to live and those who can’t suffer needlessly.


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2 thoughts on “Bill Moyers Journal: California Nurses Association

  1. It depends on your doctor, too. My doctor is very good about suggesting alternative therapies (herbal supplements, etc). Each of us need to take more responsibility for our own health, and do the research before talking with our doctors. Of course, always get a second maybe even a third opinion.

  2. The thing that frightens me about any health care reform is the fact that it basically only covers conventional medicine care. The fourth leading cause of death in the US is listed as doctor induced death. It can easily be argued that it is the leading cause of death and that most deaths from heart disease, cancer and stroke (the alleged three leading causes of death) are actually doctor induced deeath because conventional doctors are maltreating all three of these illnesses. I could go into great detail into how and why this is so, but this is not the place to do that.

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