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by Guadamour
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May 10, 2008

There is an incredible amount of ink being spilt over the nominations for the US presidential race.

Just yesterday I read an article about Obama which detailed what I suspected all along. It explained how Obama was taken under the wing of a very influential Democratic Illinois Senate leader. Up until that time Obama had been a do-nothing member of the Illinois Senate. With this leaders backing it showed how it was made to look like Obama introduced an incredible number of bills and managed to get the bills passed.

The Senate leader realized that Obama has charismatic appeal and had bigger things in mind for Obama. The leader backed Obama for the US Senate and Obama was duly elected.

The Senate leader was not to be forgotten. One of the first things Obama managed to do as a Senator was to get a pork barrel earmark directed towards this Senate leaders district in Illinois. This is politics as usual, yet Obama runs on a platform of change.

Obama is an impressive public speaker, a very bright man and charismatic, but he does not represent change.

This same article explains how Obama’s famed huge list of donors are the same deep pocket backers of most all political campaigns.

If Obama is politics as usual, then it is patently obvious that the same is true of Clinton and McCain.

The article makes a good argument for voting for Ralph Nader. I comment back, writing that Cynthia McKinney would be a better choice. And I believe she is.

However, I thought about it some more. If change is really wanted, who is president is not really that relevant. The longest lasting impact of a president is who he or she appoints to the Supreme Court. Since that is the case, Bush has done long lasting damage to the country by his overly conservative knee-jerk political appoints.

The President doesn’t always get his way with his Supreme Court appoints. The Senate many times has rejected Supreme Court nominations. That assumes there is a Senate that is willing and able to stand up to the President.

That brings us to the real point here. George W. Bush has been the most effective President in the history of the United States of America. That doesn’t mean he is the best president or that has used the power that Congress has seen fit to concede to him for good. It simply means that he has gotten his way with Congress and defied Congress more than in other president in history.

If an effective Congress had been sitting when Bush illegally (and Congress could have easily taken steps to prove this) assumed the Presidency, Bush would not have had the opportunity to usurp powers.

Congress could have and should have stopped the President, and long ago should have impeached and convicted the President.

However, this Congress has long lacked a backbone.

I can only come up with three members of the House of Representative (Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, Dr. Ron Paul of Texas and Robert Wexler of Florida) who are men of integrity and cannot be bought and stand up for the rights of Congress and the people who elected them.

As far as the Senate goes, I can only come up with two names, Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Fiengold of Wisconsin. These men stand up for what Congress is suppose to stand up for.

These five men are less that one percent of the Congress.

If the people of this country want to see change, irregardless of who is elected president, they need to unite behind candidates of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate who will vote as their constituents want, not as corporate lobbyists want, and not as their political party wants. These men and women will vote their conscience, but they can only so vote if the electorate gets behind them and puts them in office, and lets them know that they will only remain in office as long as they remain true to themselves and their constituents.

That is not currently the case. If change is going to happen, it is going to take place in the Congress and not in the executive branch.

I urge everyone to get involved in the US Representative race in their district and if there is a Senate seat up for election in their state. Forget about the presidential race. As long as the two-party system controls politics, no one who votes for a presidential candidate is going to win. The political parties and the candidates are aware of this, and they don’t want it to change.

The only way they can be made to change the system is through the Congressional races.


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  1. Congress hasn’t just lacked spine. It’s been complicit. It’s bought and paid for by the same people.

    We need a third, really second, party.

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