US backs eastern seccession in Bolivia (video)

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Minority landholders vote for independence
Bolivia’s landowning eastern elite voted on Sunday for autonomy from President Evo Morales’ central government. According to author Forrest Hylton the US government has spent up to $125 million dollars supporting the secession movement, a movement which has been disregarded by a large percentage of the Bolivian population as well as governments from Bolivia’s neighboring countries.


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  5. More stupid meddling by the US which can only create ill will, and possible blow back. It seems as the the US Federal Government is incapable of ever learning anything in terms of foreign policy. They always support the wealthy and say to hell with the poor and needy–the people in true need. This is not only short sighted, it is criminal. And the American public are partners in this crime for allowing it to happen.

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